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  • Baby cot on request
  • Private parking
  • Pets welcome
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Close to beach
  • Outside the town
  • High Quality Accommodation
  • TV

Our description

When you're coming from the direction of Potos, pass through Astris, at the exit from it, you'll see the turning where the hotel Aeria is located and beyond it you'll see sign on the right side of the road, that says Sirines Bungalows. There you turn and drive along a bit steep, dirty road to the house Kostas for about 400 meters. That road also leads to Giola (natural pool in the rock) and a small beach Kalami.

The house is located in a very large, spacious yard, full of trees and verdure. It's a small building that consists of 2 bedrooms and a separated kitchen. House is equipped with completely new furniture, very comfortable and pleasant. One bedroom has double bed, and the other one also a double bed but little narrower than the standard double bed, and two single beds. Kitchen is separated, it's in the lobby, fully equipped with all kitchen appliances, brand new and modern. House has a safe box also.

A few tables and chairs for a big company are on the balcony.

The house can accommodate up to 6-7 people, it can be shared by two families with a total of three children.

The owners are very kind, they don't charge extra for a larger number of people, in front of the house they have a garden with organically grown vegetables, that are intended for guests.

As I mentioned, the courtyard is very spacious, ideal for child's play and socializing and barbecuing,

Beach Kalami is located 300-400 meters from the house, it's small and mostly rocky.

House Giola is ideal for those who know how to enjoy in peace, verdure and privacy on a vacation.

I, as a lover of nature, had been left breathless by the house and I could probably permanently live in it, and I honestly recommend it to all the people who know how to enjoy in a beautiful, natural surroundings, absolute peace, complete freedom without owner supervision, no neighbors, in the clear air, in drinking the first morning coffee with views of olive trees. I recommend it to larger companies that want freedom, passionate lovers of fishing who want a great place to fish close to the house, all the people who need a real break from the stressful work, people and the city bustle.

With selecting this house, you'll have a feeling like you're in your own house by the sea.

The first shop (less supplied) is 2 kilometers away, larger supermarkets are 7 kilometers away and Potos with all the amenities, shops, restaurants, cafes is just 7 kilometers.

Giola house is a great place when It comes to beach tours, because the most beautiful beaches on the island are in it's immediate vicinity (Psili Ammos 2,5km, Notos 3km, Salonikios 5km, Aliki 10km).

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    Sandra20.06.2016 20:37:21

    Da li je kojim slucajem kuca slobodna od 29.07.-07.08?


    Aleksandar1813.06.2015 17:56:20

    Postovana, imam sada tacan datum, da li je slobodno od 01 avgusta do 13 avgusta?


    Aleksandar1809.06.2015 19:07:43

    Još nemam tačan datum, ali otprilike krajem jula početkom avgusta. Hvala

    • Nataša ( 19:15:26

      Postovani, ima mesta os pocetka jula pa sve do 16/8 za sada. Vi kada budete znali tacan datum, javite nam. pozdrav


    Aleksandar1809.06.2015 09:18:20

    Poštovana, da li u kući ima samo jedno kupatilo tj wc?

    • Nataša ( 09:22:41

      Postovani, u pitanju je jedno kupatilo. Da li zelite da proverimo neki konkretan termin za vas? Pozdrav


    Milica29.07.2014 21:10:14

    Postovani ima mesta u ovom smestaju tek od 16/08. Do tada je vec bukirano. Da li vam odgovara i taj termin ili vam se mozda jos nesto svidelo od smestaja da proverimo?Pozdrav

  • U pitanju su dve porodice sa po dvoje dece uzrasta od 2-9 godina. Zainteresovani smo za period od 5 avgusta. Ostali bi 15 noci.


    Milica02.05.2014 09:52:05

    Postovani, mozete li da nam kazete koje su deca godiste? Najverovatnije cete moci da se smestite ali nas je vlasnik pitao za godiste dece kako bismo znali tacno. Srdacan pozdrav


    Anoniman01.05.2014 23:34:57

    zdravo nie sme od makedonija i sme 2 porodice so po 2 dece od koi ednoto e polnpletno 18 god dali mozi da se smestime od 13 juli do 25 ili 28 juli .hvala pozz!


    Milica13.03.2014 20:01:50

    Postovani, od 01/08 do 16/08 kuca je zauzeta, mozete li pre ili posle toga? Ako su vam datumi fixni, mozemo li neki drugi smestaj proveriti ili preporuciti za vas? Pozdrav


    Nela13.03.2014 12:28:13

    Poštovanai, da li je kuća slobodna početkom avgusta. Pozdrav