They say that God has been very generous when gave the Thassos its nature.

One of the most beautiful natural gifts is the natural pool in rock - Giola.

The pool is located just next to the sea. The color of the water is crystal clear and transparent, light green or dark green. The water color is particularly evident due to the contrast with the dark blue seawater. The pool is filled beneath the rocks from the sea, so there is saltwater in it. It is interesting when you see the pool engulfed by the waves. The water in it is always warmer compared to the sea, thus it’s more pleasant to swim.

According to legend, Giola represents Zeus’ eye which oversaw his mistress.

According to another legend, Zeus created Giola for Aphrodite to bath in it so Giola is also called Aphrodite’s tears.

Watch this video and see for yourself the pleasure of bathing in Giola.

Where is Giola?

Giola is located in a place Astris. When you arrive from the direction of Potos in Astris drive all the way to the exit of the place. Around 300-400m after hotel Aeria, catch sight of the sign that says “Sirines” on the right side of the road. Turn off from the main road and drive this dirt road downhill towards the sea. The same path then continues to climb and ride it all the way to the small stone house at which it is best to park the car and continue on foot. The road to the house is quite steep and full of holes.

From stone house, you descend to the sea about ten minutes, slightly to the left. When you have reached the rocks you should watch carefully because Giola can be seen only when you get real close to it.

We must notice that you absolutely must be careful when entering the pool because injuries are often. We know also that it is very tempting to jump in the pool, but if it is possible to avoid it because there are stones in the water, or sometimes water withdraws and it is not deep enough to safely jump.

Also, we need to notice that Giola is not so attractive during the season. Because of the big number of tourists water become dirty. It is a small pool and it is not for a lot of people so, in our opinion, in that period you should not visit it, and that you can see in this video.

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