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  • Sea View
  • Internet access
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV
  • Recommended

Owner's description

Gabriela is a two bedroom maisonette, situated in one of the most interesting spots of Skala Potamia, on the top of the hill, at the end of Golden Beach. It is situated in a very quiet place with hardly any traffic and noise. The view from the balcony is breathtaking, dominated by the green mountains that surround the valley of the Skala Potamia and Panagia.

A house, part of a project, with neighbors that appreciate the peace and the beauty of the area. Easy to access the beach, one of the most beautiful and famous of the island, perfect for the kids and grown ups, and close to the center of Skala Potamia where all the activities take place, with restaurants, bars, cafeterias and all kind of shops where you will find all you need for your holidays and things to take away home with you.

The maisonette is on two floors and is perfect for two four member families. The ground floor has one bedroom and a bathroom (with a shower). On the top floor you have the fully equipped kitchen with all you need to prepare your breakfast and meals, the dining place and one bedroom. There are big veranda doors that will take you to a big balcony where you can enjoy your coffee, drinks, or meals outdoors. A patio outside the ground floor offers even more outdoor space to enjoy.

Come and enjoy your holidays in the most popular destination of Thassos. Make every day unforgettable so that you can take back wonderful memories to share with friends and family.

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    Biljana19.03.2018 12:24:55

    Postovani, Interesuje me i ovaj Apartman, period of 4.7 do 31.7.2018. Da li je slobodan u tom vremenskom intervalu, cena? Unapred hvala!


    Eleni Ziliachovinou14.07.2017 09:56:53

    Dear Sir or Madam I am interested to rent your villa for 9 adults and 1 child. Is it available from 1/8 - 10/8?? If not I kindly ask you if you have other possibilities. One big villa or two. Thank you in advance Eleni Ziliachovinou


    Ana13.07.2017 01:16:54

    Pocituvani Ve molam za info za 5 vozrasni i 3 deca dali ima slobodno period 05 ili 06 avgust do 12 ili 13 avgust Ve molam i cena


    Marko06.06.2017 13:35:12

    21.06 do 28.06 ?


    Mario12.05.2017 23:28:51

    Poštovana, imate li slobodan smeštaj za 2 porodice(4 odrasle osobe+5dece) u periodu od 08.08 do 18.08.2017? Ako nemate u ovom periodu koji je sledeći terjin slobodan. Pozdrav!


    Marijana17.04.2017 23:38:48

    Mi smo porodica od 5 clanova. Muz, ja i 3 djece (13 godina, 11 godina i 5 godina) Zainteresovani smo za ljetovanje na Tasosu. Koji apartman nam preporucujete u ovoj vili i koliko bi to kostalo za 10 dana. Mozete nam poslati i jos neke ponude slicnog tipa. TERMIN je polaska(dolazka) 22.07-27.07. Da li u ovoj vili ima mjesta za našu porodicu i kolika bi bila cijena apartmana.


    sanja marjanović31.03.2017 22:15:44

    Pozdrav,interesuje me da li imate raspoloživih mazoneta u periodu od 28.07.2017. do 13.08.2017. za dvoje odraslih i dvoje dece,i da li postoji neki popust za broj dana koji se rezerviše.Hvala


    Mirjana10.03.2017 11:32:59

    Hi Just to check how many bathrooms there are in a maisonette? Thank you Mirjana