Local bus transportation on Kassandra

You can drive to Halkidiki through the existing road network, which is good and covers all parts. The beauty of Halkidiki is unique and having your own car is ideal, but not necessary to explore and enjoy all that beauty.
An easy way to get around Halkidiki without a car is the KTEL (Intercity Bus Transport) buses, which have regular daily routes throughout the year. With bus lines, you can easily

lidl supermarkets greece

Lidl supermarkets in Greece

Famous German supermarket chain Lidl has a large number of stores in Greece. Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 8-21h, on Saturdays from 8-20h.

Lidl in Neos Marmaras is closed in February 2022. If you like shopping at Lidl, you can still shop at Lidl in Nikiti.
Masutis is still there, and it is better supplied but a little more expensive. However, Greek markets are perfect for purchasing fresh fruits

prices in greece

Prices in Greece

Although every year there is a discussion about the increasing prices in Greece, it always turns out that there are price differences from season to season, but there is no so much difference. We checked out for you the prices in supermarkets in Greece so you can check out the prices that you can expect during summer and season 2023.

This year, the Greek government asked the big supermarket chains to

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Road assistance - discount and special package

Nikana Travel Greece and VOZZi roadside assistance

Traveling to Greece with us?
Imagine a roadside assistance package that includes:
 • Repair up to 400EUR in the territory of Greece during your arrangement booked at Nikana
• Repair up to 200 EUR in North Macedonia and Bulgaria
749 bonus points on your SNNP card
• Two VOZZi 40 gift packages

Possibility of additional payment for the whole of Europe for only 500 RSD
This year, **VOZZi

Da li su cene u Grčkoj porasle u 2022. godini?, Blog, Blog


Every year before the season starts in Greece, stories start buzzing, some in the media, some in social media how all the prices in Greece are gone up. This year, more than ever, the story is going through all the media, as the price hikes have not only affected Greece but the whole world.

Prices of some things have really gone up, but in the same level with the global pace.

vlatadon monastery thessaloniki (8)

Easter in Thessaloniki 2023 and stores operation hours

Every year there are more and more tourists who spend Easter holidays in Thessaloniki.

In Greece, there is an unwritten rule that Easter is spent on countryside and Christmas in the city. For Easter holidays the Thessalonians really go to the cottages or houses that their parents or they themselves own in the villages around Thessaloniki. Cottages are mostly on one of the fingers of Halkidiki. Many of our friends from