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Published February 8, 2018 8 comments

Family holiday on Thassos

"Author of text: Željko Petrović" And finally came 10/08. It was 03.15am when we begin the road to Thassos, the end station Potos. The road through Serbia I know by heart and in no time we arrived at the border at our "former brothers" who call themselves Macedonians. Their customs...

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Published November 8, 2015 11 comments

Thassos - Yes or No

I have met people who didn’t like anything on Thasos. They came to the island on a friend’s recommendation, set off with great expectations and went back disappointed. Maybe you have noticed that there are many fans of Thasos at forums, but there are also...

Bouzouki tetrachordo
Published February 8, 2018 1 comment

Music on Thassos

"Author of the text: Jovan Simunovački" Homer's favorite hero, Odysseus, wandered around Thsasos with the team, and there he heard the enthusiastic song of the siren, irresistibly tempting... If we really want to squeeze out and clean the story of mythological blur - it might turn out that for the...

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Published February 8, 2018 18 comments

Easter in Thassos

"Your impressions" Ah, it's not easy to write while soul hurts! :-) We came back a week ago from Thassos. This Easter was the most beautiful than any other until now! :-) While we were at Thassos, I could not even dare to think of our many friends, who are...

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Published February 8, 2018 2 comments

Impressions from Thassos - Pachis beach

My first year on Thassos. First one, because I do not remember my first visit to Thassos, I only know from stories of others that Potos was popular destination 30 years ago. My husband and I have a child, a naughty girl of 3 years old, whom I call...

Greece crisis
Published October 4, 2018 12 comments

Me in Serbia and crisis in Greece

During my visit to Serbia, two things surprised me. First of all - weather. The summeron Thassos started even before I left the island. And not only in terms of high summer temperatures, but also everything else related to the tourist season started. People who live in Thessaloniki and...

the crisis in greece from the perspective of ordinary people
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Published February 8, 2018 4 comments

Spring in Thassos

Author: Ana Kostic I do not know how, but every time I get to this magic island faster than anywhere else where I go ... I did not even take a bite of sandwich that my mom packed me in every case, when we already have arrived. Perhaps the secret...

my first eastern on thassos  (1)
Published February 8, 2018 15 comments

My first Easter on Thassos Island

Author of the text: Milena Matic I had second thoughts until the last moment if I should go now or wait until the summer. I had some doubts that it is not like in the summer and that the trip is long and hard to get there. On the other...

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