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the best restaurants and dishes on sithonia  (16)
Published July 6, 2018 no comments

The best restaurants in Sithonia

We are used to fantastic food on Thassos and in Thessaloniki, so we expected nothing less from Sithonia. Our expectations are only partially fulfilled, but we will give it another chance. What we would put under the list "try for sure" is described in the following text. In Sarti, we would point...

which place to choose on sithonia neos marmaras halkidiki  (14)
Published October 20, 2015 no comments

Which place to choose on Sithonia?

What place for summer vacation to choose on Sithonia, is a frequently asked question that is not easy to answer, because it all depends on personal preferences. On this occasion, we will make a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each town in Halkidiki, so you can...

Poseidon beach 1
Published August 7, 2018 no comments

Poseidon beach

This beach is a cove in front of the Poseidon hotel, located only 50 m before Stilidario beach and the famous beach bar Las Bandidas. The cove is long, sandy and wide. The left part of the beach (when looking at the sea) has sunbeds and parasols which belong...

Neos Marmaras 2
Published May 15, 2014 2 comments

Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is located in the  middle of the western side od Sithonia, 767km away from Belgrade. Nicely spreading over 3 surrounding hills it is the center of all events on Sithonia, so everyone can find something appealing to them, whether it be fun, gastronomy, luxury, beaches... Neos Marmaras was...

Lagomandra beach 2
Published May 19, 2014 1 comment

Lagomandra beach

This is one of the best known and most popular beaches on Sithonia. It is located 13km southward from Nikiti and 7km northward from Neos Marmaras. Tourists form both places can reach it easily. It is 1km long and it is divided into two parts with one small ridge. The...

Paradissos beach 1
Published October 15, 2015 no comments

Paradissos beach

Paradissos beach in Neos Marmaras is a narrow, sandy beach with shallow water for the children. The beach is arranged and ideal for families. In the back there are a few hotels and villas, but not too many so that the visitors of this beach can enjoy some peace...

Azapiko beach 4
Published October 15, 2015 no comments

Azapiko beach

Azapiko beach is wild and unorganized beach in the west part of Sitonia. It is located 13 km south for Neos Marmaras. It is well marked and after you turn from the main road you will drive for about 1.5 km on the dusty road without many bumps. This is...

Neos Marmaras city beach 24
Published October 15, 2015 no comments

Neos Marmaras city beach

Public beach in Neos Marmaras was a pleasant surprise for us. A very long beach with clean, turquoise water. Along the beach there are trees so there is natural shade. The most part of the beach is intended for the visitors with their own equipment, but in one part...

Agia Kiriaki beach 4
Published October 19, 2015 no comments

Agia Kiriaki beach

This beach was a very pleasant surprise for us. The way to get to Agia Kiriaki, coming from Neos Marmaras, is to pass the Hotel Porto Carras and after 5km you will turn right on the road that takes you away from the main road, in the direction towards...

Likithos beach 11
Published October 15, 2015 no comments

Likithos beach

Beach Likithosis for us another piece of heaven on earth :-) Coming from NeosMarmaras, and five kilometers after Porto Karas, turn right at the signboard of Camping Areti hotel and Saint George. Take that road all the way to the sea, turn left and after 2.5 km you will...