Elia is a 2km long and very specific beach. It’s located 8km south from Nikiti and actually starts from the Spathies beach. Along the beach, there’s an asphalt road, so the access is enabled in several places. The beach is mostly narrow and with natural shade because the Elia region is extremely woody. In some places, pine trees stick out over the water.

On a 2km long beach, everyone can find a corner for themselves to their own taste. Most of the beach has a rocky bottom at the entrance to the sea, but there are sandy parts as well. The beach is organized only in front of the luxury hotels and apartments, while the rest is available to visitors with their own equipment.

Elia Beach is recommended only for those not interested in commercial beaches, but looking for an intimate place for themselves and their loved ones. A place where they will be alone to enjoy the beautiful nature, clear sea and beautiful sunsets.

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