Athos has only a few tourist spots because most of Athos belongs to the Holy Mountain.

Olympiada, Ierissos, Nea Rhoda and Ouranopolis have smaller markets, i.e. grocery stores and dragstores, and only Ierissos has two large supermarkets with many items. Ierissos is close to all of these places, so tourists from other places stop by to get them. One of the supermarkets in Ierissos is from the German chain Lidl, which is known for good prices, and the other is Masoutis, from Greek chain, which is known for its excellent supply of mainly Greek products.

Olympiada is 30km away from Ierissos and is much closer to Stavros and Asprovalta, so the visitors from Olympiada supply in these two places rather than in Ierissos.

The market exists in Ierissos and is open on Tuesdays. It is well supplied and the prices of fruits and vegetables and other products are much cheaper than in the markets.

There are souvenir shops, sweets shops, tavernas and fast food shops in all places.