Nea Rodha is a small place with a pedestrian zone next to the sea and a small port. long the promenade, there are lots of restaurants and coffee shops with a nice sea view, excellent food and drinks. Some of these coffee shops have a playground for children as well.
Nea Rodha is ideal for a peaceful vacation. The beach is long and mostly sandy, with not that fine sand in the shore and in water. It has some parts with sunbeds and umbrellas which can be used with a purchased drink, as well as a large part for visitors with their own equipment. The water is clear and depth is gradual.

It’s in a good location because you can easily cross to the other side of the peninsula in case of the wind. Usually, it’s windy only on one side of the peninsula (east or west), almost never on both. If it’s windy in Nea Rodha or Ierissos, it’s not in Ouranopolis, Trypiti and Xiropotami beach, so you always have a choice.

The famous Legend beach (formerly Wet Dreams), used to be on this Legend beach, which is 500m away from the city. The beach has very fine light sand, a long shallow, turquoise and clear sea. Since the bar is no longer in operation, you can certainly come to this beach, but now it is unorganized and therefore has no content. This is still one of the most beautiful beaches on Athos, because of the turquoise and clear water, and it can be reached on foot from Nea Roda.

Nea Rodha has two bakeries, pastry shop, fast food (gyros) a few souvenir shops and a few smaller supermarkets. Large supermarkets Lidl and Masoutis are in Ierisos (6km).

What to visit around if you are staying in Nea Rodha?

Nea Roda is a small place and it can be a great base for those who like an active holiday, and it will surely satisfy people who like small places and a vacation in the true sense of the word. We wouldn’t recommend it to those who prefer a static vacation in places with many amenities, because Nea Roda has only basic amenities for a summer holiday, without particularly interesting tourist attractions for adults and children.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Athos, Komitsa is 4km away, Vulitsa beach is a bit closer, as well as Ksiropotami beach (2km) known for a calm sea.

In Trypiti (2km) you can take the ferry to Ammouliani island, that also has beautiful beaches. Ticket price is 10€ for the car and 3.5€e for people. The ride takes about 20 minutes.

Ouranopolis is also very close and you could go there for an evening walk. From this place, you can also take the boat for a cruise around Mount Athos.

You can visit Ierissos (6km) for a swim and a long and beautiful city beach, as well because of supermarkets and evening walk.

During a vacation in Nea Rodha you can stop by the monastery Kakovo (15km), as well as Kakoudia beach, also one of the most beautiful ones on Athos. In addition, there are many undiscovered and wild beaches and bays that are a paradise for those who like to be alone and to explore. Also, many beautiful and well-kept beaches are located just before Olympiada (35km).

There’s no nightlife nor clubs in Nea Rodha, so it’s not attractive to young people looking for fun.

A breeze is often in Nea Rodha, and sometimes a serious wind. In that case, the other side of the peninsula is very close (3-minute drive) and mostly windless.

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