Nea Rodha is a small village with a pedestrian zone next to the sea and a small port. In this street there are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops that have a nice sea view. There are also playgrounds for children in some of these coffee shops. This place is ideal for holiday. The beach is long and mostly sandy.

In some parts of the beach there are sun beds which you can us only by buying a drink. The rest of the beach is empty so you can put your own umbrella. Water is very clear and the depth is gradual.

The location of Nea Rodha is very good because you could easily cross to the other side of Athos peninsula is case of the wind. Usually it is windy only on one side of the peninsula (east or west), almost never on both, so if there is wind in Nea Rodha or Ierisos, on the other side in Ouranopolis, Tripity and on the beach Ksiropotamh it's calm. You always have a choice.

Only 500m from the village there is a famous Legend beach, former Wet Dreams, and a modern bar-restaurant. The beach is sandy, with crystal clear and long shallow water. You can take sun beds by ordering a drink. The music in the bars is not loud. Before and after the bar there is a lot of free space where you can put your own umbrella. Bar has parking. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on Athos and you can get to it even by foot from Nea Rodha.

In Nea Rodha there are a few smaller stores, while Lidl and Masutis are in Ierisos, 6km away. There are also two bakeries, pastery shop, fast food - gyros and few suvenire shops.

Nea Roda is a small place where you can have a peaceful vacation and also it is a good place to start from when visiting other beaches. We wouldn't recommend this village to the people who love to spend their vacation only in one place because there are not many thing to do here.

Only 4km from Nea Rodha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Athos, Komitsa. A bit closer is Vulitsa. Only 2km from Nea Rodha is a place Tripiy from which you can take the ferry to the island Amouliani that also has beautiful beaches. To this island you can also get from Nea Rodha. The price of the ticket for the ferry is 10e for the car and 2e for people. It takes around 20 minutes to get accross.

Ouranopolis is also very close and you could go there for an evening walk. From this place you could take the boat to go to Mount Athos. Ierisos is 6km away and you could visiti it for the beach, supermarkets and evening walks. Ksiropotami beach is 2km away for Nea Rodha and it is known for calm water. You can also visit the monastery Kakovo which is 15km away and beach Kakoudia, which is one of the most famous ones. Also there are a lot of secluded beaches and golfs that you can explore on your own.

In Nea Rodha there is no night life and clubs.

There is always a bit of wind in this village but as we said earlier, you can always cross to the other side of the peninsula and enjoy swimming in the calm sea.