Preveza is the capital of the same named area in northwest Greece. Located on the Ionian coast, at the beginning of Amvrakikos (Abrakikos) bay that provides an opportunity for interesting cruises and observation of diverse wildlife. Preveza, besides the Igoumenitsa, is the largest city in Epirus and has a very good geo-strategic location. For this reason, over the centuries it has been at the center of many historical events, therefore today around Preveza we could visit important archaeological sites and museums: five fortresses, ancient city of Nikopolis, Nekromantion, four museums …

Characteristic of Preveza and a special tourist attraction is the underwater tunnel on the way to Lefkada and central Greece, that allowed crossing the bay without using a ferry. The project of construction of the tunnel was of great importance for the development of the region, and with the termination of the highway, coming to Preveza is significantly shortened. Airport, which is near Preveza, has also contributed increasing the tourism potential of this place.

The best known and most developed touristic town in this region is Parga, while Preveza is rising in terms of tourism. In and around Preveza accommodation prices are slightly lower than in other cities in the area (Parga, Sivota, in Lefkada cities). The prices in tavernas and cafes are lower.
The largest number of tourists in Preveza are Greeks and guests from Scandinavian countries. In Balkan area Preveza started being popular for a past couple of years. For now, it is a paradise for tourists who want to escape from commercial Greek resorts and on the beaches around Preveza they can find peace and relaxation.
Preveza has commercial and busy harbor, but also one of the largest marinas on the Ionian coast where ports hundreds of yachts during the season.
Along marine spreads a very long and wide, paved promenade full of restaurants and cafes and it’s perfect for a pleasant walk in the warm, summer evenings. Equally beautiful part of the city is the old core that starts right along the harbor. The old town consists of numerous small, winding, narrow, cobbled streets full of interesting shops, pleasant garden cafes and traditional taverns. Streets are mostly shaded by vines, decorated with pots of flowers, oleanders and bougainvilleas. The city is alive throughout the year, because it has about 20,000 inhabitants, but in summer, the arrival of tourists, becomes more variegated and more vivid. In the old town dominates a church from the 18th century dedicated to Saint Haralambos, especially is interesting its Venetian clock tower. In our opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the city is called Seitan market. It is characteristic by narrow streets, full of flowers and very nice stores and some garden cafes or restaurants. Streets are a bit steeper than in the rest of the city and there is a story that the market was named after an event from the time of the Turks. In fact, the local population had been coating with soap streets at night, and the Turks would fall of their horses when passing through it. The Turks, therefore, have called it Devil’s (Seitan) market.

Given the fact that port and marina occupy waters in city center, the beach is remote and is located 3km away from the city center. The beach is called Kyani Akti, it’s spacious and offers plenty of natural shade. It is a sandy beach with shoal and it’s one of the favorite beaches to parents with children. It is well organized and you can get parasols and sunbeds by ordering a drink. There are showers, changing rooms, toilets, volleyball net, modern cafes and bars on the beach.

Nightlife in Preveza is richer compared to the nearest cities, Parga and Lefkas. Supplying is also easier because Preveza, apart from the famous supermarket chain Lidl, also has Marinopoulos, Metro and several large and several smaller markets. In Preveza you could visit art galleries, cinemas, museums, and there are a lot of bars, taverns, fast food restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops.

The coast around Preveza has rich dense, larch forests, numerous coves and caves, long beaches, and facing the west it’s characteristic by its beautiful sunsets. Driving from Preveza to Parga is very pleasant because the main road offers beautiful view of the sea, and along the way there are interesting view points. For the larger part of the coastline around Preveza we could say that is still less attended and unexplored, it is perfect for visitors who like to explore and find hidden and wild coves and also for those who prefer to be alone.

What makes Preveza an interesting destination is that it could be a perfect base for a peaceful holiday, but also a perfect starting point for an active holiday. Click here to read what you could visit nerby and in Preveza and which beaches you could visit.