Ormos Panagias is a small place on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It was named after the church devoted to the Saint Mother of God (in greek Panagia) that has been preserved since the period of Byzathium.

The place is best known for the fact that all the ships sail off from here towards the Mount Athos every morning at 9 o’clock.

The place is divided into two parts. One part is a place along the long, sandy beach, and the other one is the port, over the hills compared to the beach.

To whom we recommend Ormos Panagias in Sithonia?

The part along the beach is ideal for all those want to have a peaceful family vacation because exactly here there are nice villas from whose front yard you go directly to the sand, with big gardens and playgrounds for children. The beach Trani Ammouda is for many reasons one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia that has been awarded with the Blue flag.

In the port there are stores, restaurants and fish taverns, fishmongers always having fresh fish.

The place itself is very peaceful, perfect for all those seeking for real relaxation, without commotion and traffic, ideal for couples and families with children who want a perfect beach nearby the place where they are staying. It also has a good location for seeing Sithonia and good beaches.

Except for fresh fish, you should also taste brandy, tsipuro, domestic honey and oil.When you come to Ormos Panagias you should undoubtedly use the opportunity to see the Athos Mount so that you can grasp just a little bit of the mysteriousness of the world of the old mountain.

What else you can see in this area?

From Ormos Panagias you can visit the only settled island on Halkidiki, Amouliana. You should not miss visiting the village Agios Nikolaos which is nearby Orios being known for the well-preserved architecture from the 19th century, narrow, pebbled streets and nice taverns. You should visit it in the early evening and have a joyful time with the locals while drinking slowly your drink or having dinner.

In the proximity of Ormos are some of the most bautiful beaches on Sitonia Latura, Lagonisi, Talgo, Livari, Fava, and if you want a little evening content, visit Nikiti which is only a 10 minute drive from Ormos..

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