Vrachos and Loutsa are actually the same beach, just the right, northern part of the beach, towards Parga is called Loutsa, and Vrachos is on the left, southern part of the beach, towards Preveza. The beach is 3km long, and in some parts it’s wide over 50m. The beach with its crystal clear water and green landscapes is the right place for lovers of true rest and relaxation with waves, no loud music and big crowds. If you want you can try some water sports.

According to many, the most beautiful beach between Preveza and Igoumenitsa, it’s characteristic by its impressive length, but also fine sand which many beaches on this line couldn’t boast of. This beach has shoal in some parts and is a favorite for families with small children. The beach is big and rarely could be crowded, so at any time you can enjoy peace in it, even you can isolate. There are more visitors over the weekend when the locals come too.

The beach is arranged and in its entire length has sunbeds and here you could enjoy a nice sea view, but also there is enough space for you to put your own equipment. Loutsa and Vrachos are known for their fantastic sunset, when the whole sky turns red and the sun takes a dip into the sea on the horizon. Swimming is possible until the late hours. There are showers and changing rooms on the beach.

The sand is golden yellow, very fine both on the shore and in the water, except for a narrow strip of gravel at the entrance. On the edges of the beach there are rocks where it’s interesting to dive. Color of the sea changes during the day, so in the morning it’s light blue, but dark and turquoise in the afternoon. It is always clear, except when there are high waves that are characteristic in the afternoons. They are mostly small, but it happens to be big and then you should be careful because they can strongly pull into the sea, and sometimes they could bring the grass. The sea is mostly shallow and shallowest part is near the pontoon for water sports.

Along the beach there is a street with wide sidewalks for walking. Street hasn’t much traffic, but across the street are lined up villas and hotels, which almost all have a store in the ground, either it’s a tavern, cafe or a shop. The choice of food is not missing because you could choose between a large number of taverns and restaurants.

The seaside promenade is beautifully decorated, clean, with a nice garden cafes and restaurants, with many flowers and palm trees. Parking is available along the street and there is always space, even on the weekends.

Having in mind that the beach has a lot of properties, for those who are located in some of them during the summer, it should be noted that the city is very small. There is one row of hotels and villas along the beach and some villas or hotels in the second row and that’s it. The city has supermarkets and bakery, numerous cafes and restaurants and that’s all. There are always fresh fruits and vegetables in supermarkets, but no fresh meat and fish.

There is no nightlife, nor a lot of people on the promenade in the evening, therefore it’s an ideal place for lovers of a quiet vacation without content during the evening, and also it’s ideal for families with small children and possibly couples.

In conclusion we could say that the beach Vrachos, i.e Loutsa, is one of the nicest, if not the best one in the region, but certainly the most beautiful sandy beach. It’s great for families with small children, for those who want to relax on the beach with no big crowd. A beach, as a destination for vacation, also provides opportunities for a nice holiday, noting that it has no nightlife nor tourist attractions, but only provides the opportunity to enjoy the sea, the view, the beautiful sunsets, peace and quiet …

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