Villages Vrachos and Loutsa are located both on the left and the right side of the same-named beach, which spreads 3km between Parga and Preveza.

The promenade is well arranged, clean, with nice decorated gardens of cafes and restaurants, with a lot of palm trees and flowers. There is parking along the street and you can always find free space, even on weekends.

The street with a wide pavement for a walk is along the beach. There is no too much traffic and across the street, you will see lined up villas and hotels. Almost all of them have some shops on the ground floor, whether it’s tavern, cafe or markets. There is a big choice of food because you can choose between numerous taverns and restaurants.

People who are accommodated in one of the facilities at the beach, during the whole vacation, should know that this place is very small. There is just one row of hotels and villas by the beach and second row with just a few of them. There are already mentioned supermarkets and bakery, numerous cafes and restaurants. In supermarkets, you could always find fresh fruits and vegetables, but no fresh meat and fish.

There is neither nightlife nor many people at the promenade in the evening, so this place is ideal for lovers of a peaceful vacation, with no content in the evening. It is ideal for families with small children and possibly couples.

There are three well-supplied supermarkets. For larger purchases, you could go to Parga (30km) or to Preveza (30km) where there is a Lidl supermarket, but also there are Marinopoulos and Metro. There is one pharmacy in Vrachos and you could buy basic medicines as Aspirin and Depon at the supermarket. There is one bakery in Vrachos, but you could also buy bread and baked goods at the supermarkets.

There is no rent-a-car agency in Vrachos, but you can reserve a car from Parga, for 5 or more days by the owners of the accommodation or local representatives. The doctor on call is available from Parga or Preveza.


There is one bus line that connects Parga and Preveza. Also, there is a possibility to book excursions via local travel offices to the island like Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos, Lefkada, Ithaka, river Acheron… Although the transfer to Parga should be paid 10e over the price of the excursion. There are excursions to Parga, during the day or in the evening and they cost 10-15e depending on the period. If you have your own car, the best option is to go to Parga and choose the excursion you like the most. Of course, a visit to Parga, the most beautiful town on the Ionian coast, should be on a list of mandatory visits.

You could go on your own to the stunning river Acheron and along the way, you could visit Nekromantion (ancient sanctuary dedicated to the God of the underworld, Hades). Acheron and Nekromantion are 55km away. On this occasion, you could also visit beautiful beaches Ammoudia, Alonaki Fanariou and Kerentza (Ormos Odysseas) which are not far from Vrachos and Loutsa. In a place called Kanali, next to Preveza, within the same-named hotel (Kanali Hotel) you could also visit a mini aqua park. It has several pools and water slides and the entrance ticket costs 8e if you use water slides and 5e if you only use pools. With the ticket, you get a 30% discount for the next visit. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free of charge. There are pools of 0,6m depth for small children, but also the ones of 1m or 2m depth.

Od course, if you want more activity, crowd, evening walks, shopping and other contents, you could visit Preveza. It’s 35km away and represents a perfect city for evening walks. It is more beautiful than expected. Preveza has a large promenade and the harbor where the sailboats, yachts, canoes and small boats are anchored. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes along the coast, but the most beautiful part of the city is the old town, which starts right on the coast and spreads to the inner city. In the old town, you will see narrow, cobbled streets full of shops, boutiques, restaurants, traditional taverns… From the harbor, you could go to short cruises on which is 100% guaranteed that you will see dolphins. The cruises are within the Amvrakikos gulf where the Preveza is located. In Preveza, you can really enjoy it.

Nearby Kanali, 20km from Vrachos, there are the remains of an ancient city called Nicopolis which once had 30.000 inhabitants. It was built in honor of a great Octavian’s victory against Mark Antony’s and Cleopatra’s combined forces.

Being close to Parga and Preveza and also Lefkada, which is 60km away, provides the possibility of one active vacation, but at the same time you could wake up with the sound of waves in one of the facilities with a direct sea view in Vrachos.

There is a constant breeze, especially in the hottest days. The sea is warmer than on the beaches in Parga or around it.

There is no post office, but there are mailboxes where you could send postcards. The stamps can be bought in the stores along with the postcards.

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