Olympiada is a small place, tucked between hills and greenery. It hasn’t yet been affected by mass tourism, so it offers quite a few accommodation facilities.

Except for the beautiful beaches in the close proximity, Olympiada is known for being named after the mother of Alexander the Great, who stayed for a while on a small island located just across.

In the close proximity to Olympiada, there’s antique Stagira, the birthplace of the famous philosopher Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great. The remains of Stagira can be visited, as well as the famous Aristotle’s interactive park.

Olympiada is a small place, but it has everything necessary for vacation, several grocery stores, taverns, souvenir shops, fast food restaurants, gas station, pastry shop and a bakery. For larger and more convenient purchases, tourists are visiting places between Stavros and Asprovalta and big supermarkets like Lidl. You can also visit the green market in Stavros.

The promenade is paved and beautifully landscaped, with lots of restaurants and cafes along the sea. The beach is long and mostly sandy, with a gradual depth and warm sea. There’s a part of the beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, yet it’s mostly available to visitors with their own equipment.

The restaurant Captain Manolis in the center of Olympiada is famous for fresh fish and seafood specialities. Olympiada is known for shellfish that you should surely taste if you’re visiting this area.

In short, Olympiada is perfect for a quiet vacation, with no nightlife. For more content in the evening, you can go to Stavros (13km) and highly developed Asprovalta (20km).

Although there are not many tourists in Olympiada, there are many of them visiting it every day due to its location on the road to the Holy Mountain and resorts in Athos, as well as because of the fact that the most beautiful beaches from Thessaloniki to Asprovalta and in whole Athos are in close proximity to Olympiada.

We already mentioned the most beautiful beaches like Babylon, Cuba (Proti Ammoudia), Zugla, Balkonaki, Totos and other less known and less accessible, but equally beautiful beaches. In the hinterland of these beaches and Olympiada, there are two natural national parks and waterfalls (one on the road to Varvara village and the other in the village). For those who prefer an active holiday, Ierissos and the beautiful Kakoudia beach are not far (30km), neither Xiropotami, Legend and Komitsa beach nor Ammouliani island, the brightest pearl of Athos.