Only 2 km away from Possidi, there is a town called Kalandra. It’s connected to Possidi so these two towns are basically merging into one. It’s famous for its remains of the ancient sanctuary Mendi, after which this entire region was named.

Mendi beach is 2.5 km long and on the beach there’s a hotel of the same name. Mendi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Kassandra, mainly because of its gorgeous surroundings, dominated by greenery and shade, tucked away from all the traffic and noise. It offers plenty of space for visitors with their own equipment. You can also use the sunbeds which belong to the hotel’s bar, as well as a swimming pool with sea water.

The beach is spacious, wide, sandy, and the sea is turquoise and crystal clear. It’s not crowded. The shore is sandy and with small pebbles. In the sea, there are some places with flat stone slabs followed by sand in the left part of the beach, while the right part of the beach next to the dock doesn’t have these stones so the water entry is more suitable for children.