About 4km away from Nikiti, on the road to Neos Marmaras you will that you cannot miss, and you shoudn’t. It can be seen from the main road and because of its vertical orientation towards the road, it gives the possibility of taking the pictures of the panorama of this 700 m long sandy beach.

The turquoise water is very clean, and the shoal with the fine sand makes Agios Ioannis very suitable for small children. Only in a couple of small parts of the beach can you find rocks. The beach is organized and arranged so you can rent parasols and deck-chairs at several beach bars, and you also have a Wi-Fi signal at you disposal.  Of course, you can find your own "equipment" for the beach as there is a lot of space to put your towels, deck-chairs and parasols. On the very end of the beach (the one along the main road) there is an interesting bar with two levels (or even 3 depending on how you count) all surrounded the green scenery and flowers, with a great view of the sea in front of you. Perfect for chill-out and enjoying. There are a lot of places where you can park you car, you will even probably find some shade, and you can easily approach the beach. Nearby Agios Ioannis there are also beaches Kalogria and Koviou and you can visit them too.

Take a look at short video from this beach.