About 4km away from Nikiti, on the road to Neos Marmaras you will come across on the beach that you can not miss, and you shouldn’t. You can see it from the main road and because of its vertical orientation towards the road, it gives you the possibility of taking panoramic pictures of this 700m long sandy beach.

The turquoise water is very clean, and the shoal with the fine sand makes Agios Ioannis very suitable for small children. Only in the small parts of the beach you could find stones.

The beach is organized and arranged so you could rent parasols and sunbeds at several beach bars.
Of course, you could bring your own equipment for the beach as there is a lot of space to put your towels, sunbeds and parasols. On the very end of the beach (the one along the main road) there is an interesting bar with two levels (or even 3 depending on how you count) surrounded with greenery and flowers, with a great sea view in front of you. Perfect for a chill-out and enjoying. There are a lot of places where you could park your car. You will probably find some shade, and you can easily approach the beach. Nearby Agios Ioannis there are also beaches Kalogria and Koviou, so you could visit them too.

Somewhere in the central part of the beach is a new bar (opened 2016) called Riviera. It is a modern and large bar, which is locaded in a wide part of the beach. The bar is well arranged and offers a cafe with cowerd tabels an chairs where you could enjoy with your friends, have a drink, play board games or order some fast food which is prepared in bar.

There are two categories od sunbeds and parasols. In the central part are sunbeds with ticker deks and big parasols and renting of this set costs 10e. With the set you could get lazy bag or a chair - sunbed. Except these modern sunbeds there are regular ones, but still with better quallity, which you could see on the beaches and you could rent them in the set of two along with the parasol for 5e. if you rent a set, you don’t have to buy a drink.

Within the bar there are double beds which you could rent for 5e. There is also a little space in the shade next to the bar where you could put your own equipment. Sunbeds in the bar are free of charge after 17:30, so you could come by than, because that is the most beautiful part of the day on this beach and also the part when there is more shade.

There is a large parking space behind the bar, which you could use free of charge if you are a visitor of Riviera bar or you use a free space on the beach.

The Riviera bar doesn’t have a strict rules about bringing your own food and drinks. There are well maintained and new toilets, showers and chaning rooms within the bar. There is no Wi-Fi signal.

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Take a look at this video clip from Agios Ioannis beach on our Youtube channel.