About 4km away from Nikiti, on the road to Neos Marmaras you will come across on the beach that you can not miss, and you shouldn’t. You can see it from the main road and because of its vertical orientation towards the road, it gives you the possibility of taking panoramic pictures of this 700m long sandy beach.

The turquoise water is very clean, and the shoal with the fine sand makes Agios Ioannis very suitable for small children. Only in the small parts of the beach you could find stones.

The beach is organized, only on the left part, where the hotel is located. You can put your beach equipment on most of the beach because there is really a lot of space. At the very left end of the beach (the part next to the highway) there is a hotel, so that part of the beach is reserved for hotel guests.

The rest of the beach is free and there is enough space for a large number of people. There is also plenty of parking space, and in the far right part, looking towards the sea, you will probably find some shade, and access to the beach is easy. You will probably find some shade, and you can easily approach the beach. Nearby Agios Ioannis there are also beaches Kalogria and Koviou, so you could visit them too.

There used to be two bars on this beach, but now it is closed and next to the hotel, there are no other facilities, so there are no toilets, showers or cabins on the beach.
You can get to the beach, or rather the parking lot for it, by following the signpost for Castri beach. Before Castri beach, you will see a meadow where you park and immediately there is a descent to the beach. The parking lot has no shade, but if you arrive on time you can place your things under the trees and sit there in the afternoon in the shade.

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