Nea Kallikratia has a long and wide sandy beach. It is nicely arranged, with plenty of bars that offer free sunbeds and umbrellas with a drink. Many tourists stay exclusively at the local town beach during summer, because it’s quite decent and spacious. There are bars and plenty of space for own equipment, showers and changing rooms, as well as beach volleyball.

Close to Nea Kallikratia there are several well-kept beaches that you can visit, and this region has a lot of hidden coves that you can explore.

South of Nea Kallikratia, about 3km from the center, there is Mikoniatika Beach where there once was a mini aqua park within the Capo Shape Bar. The aqua park is closed and now operates only a large and beautiful pool, while the slides are not operational. The bar is now called Corona. Although not fully operational, this bar and pool are still very comfortable to stay in as they are nicely tucked into the greenery. The entrance to the pool is 2€ per person, and the pool has a children’s section. Guests can use sunbeds and parasols on the beach with the consumption of drinks.

Between the Korona bar and the next bar called Aloha which is our favorite, there is a tavern and a small playground for children. Aloha is a wonderful bar because it is complete in evergreen trees. It’s perfect for enjoying your favorite book with light music.

There are several other bars on Mikoniatika Beach. Most are half empty during weekdays, while weekends are full due to the arrival of Thessalonians.

Besides the bars on this beach, there is plenty of free space for all visitors who have their own equipment.

Between Mykonatika and Nea Kallikratia, beneath the high cliffs there are several beautiful, wild coves.

Four kilometers north, towards Nea Iraklia, there is a very long and wide beach, generally called after the Sahara beach bar. Besides Sahara, there are several other beach bars on the beach Exotic, La Roca, and we would recommend you first of all Sahara and then Yolo and Sunshine. If you are staying in Nea Kallikratia or Nea Iraklia to which this beach belongs, be sure to visit the Sahara, you will be delighted. It is one of the largest bars in Greece.

This beach is mostly visited only by Thessalonians, most often during the weekend.
You can find the tourists from the side only recently and in the peak season. The beach is extremely spacious, with fine sand and clear water. The sea is shallow and perfect for children. It’s almost never crowded (except on weekends in July and August), and there is a huge space in the driveway where you can park your car for free. If you decide to spend your holidays in Nea Kallikratia and want to escape the crowd of the city beach, this beach is a great choice just a short drive from Nea Kallikratia.

There is a tidy, spacious and clean playground at the Sahara Bar, making it the right choice for families with young children. From this beach, in addition to the horizon, there is a beautiful view of Olympus and beautiful sunsets. On the beach there are showers, changing rooms, a beach volleyball net, a football field, water sports, a track and an amphibious wheelchair for the disabled, but also many, many spaces for all visitors with their own equipment.

Sunbeds and parasols are available with a drink consumption, while luxury canopies have a minimal consumption (30€ per person).

Vergias Beach is about 3km away from Nea Kallikratia and it is a beautiful, pebbly beach. One part belongs to the Room Nine bar and the other is free for visitors with their own equipment. It is ideal for enjoying without the crowds, and its high rock and hills give it a special touch.

Watch video from Sahara beach