Town Beach in Nikiti is about 3 km long. It is divided into two parts by marina. It is a beach that is mostly sandy with a gradual depth.

The beach is very long and we are sure that everyone can find a perfect spot for themselves. Part of the beach which is in the center of the city is usually more visited and more crowded during the season. That part is organized and offers sun loungers and umbrellas that come are included when you pay for a drink.In the background of this part of the beach is a promenade packed with restaurants and cafes, and visitors have access to many facilities, both for children and adults.
The southern part of the beach is a bit more peaceful, no crowded deck chairs and parasols, with clearer water, better access , and sometimes with a natural shade, so we recommend you to come to this part for swimming. There are a couple of bars in that area, and one of them is Saint George. In this bar, set rental is €8, plus a minimum of one drink per person that you must order. In the bar right next door, the prices are a little lower, so renting a set of two deckchairs and an umbrella costs €5.

At the beach in Nikiti you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets, the days are long and it is suitable for swimming until dark. Of course, in high season avoid all the city’s beaches, because there are numerous other bay swaiting outside the cities with less crowds and cleaner water, but we must note that Nikiti has a decent beach for those days when you do not want to sit in the car and drive.

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