This phenomenal beach is certainly one of the best on Sitonia, or it may be better to say on the whole Halkidiki. It is known under several names- Orange beach, Kavourotripes,  Portocali... Kavourotripes is actually the name of the coast that is 5km long and along this coast there are a lot of coves with the white sand and turquoise water. If you explore the coast in this part, you may find fantastic little beaches.

The central cove is called Orange or in Greek Portocali and it is named after the bar that is situated on the beach. This cove is organized and it hag got sunbeds and umbrellas. Since it is very small, from 20.6. to 10.9.  the beach is pretty crowded. However, in the water there is a shoal which is about 30 meters long, so it is almost never crowded in the water. 

The rest of the coves that are nearby are not organized so there is enough space for setting your own equipment, either on the sand next to the water or on the warm and flat rocks and a little bit upwards in the shade of pine trees.

Since there are no enough sunbeds for the most part of the season, we recommend carrying your own umbrella. 

On the beach there are no showers and cabins for changing. There are Toi Toi toilets. Our advice would be come early to Orange beach, spend time in the water and enjoy your time here until it gets crowded, and then visit some more organized and spacious beach. 

The colour of the water and sand is truly breath-taking, so if you visit the beach in the right time, you will certainly leave with the most beautiful memories.

It is 10km northwards from Sarti and you should pay attention to the very turning towards the beach since it is not very well-marked.
When you take a turning you will have to drive several hundred meters down a very bad road.
Orange beach is very popular, and at the peak of the season you will have a problem finding a place for a towel and a parasol, especially if you come a bit later. There are no words to describe this beautiful beach, and you have to see the color of the water in order to believe that it is real. The shoal stretches far away through the transparent water, and at the bottom the fine sand is sparse. It consists of several smaller and bigger coves, so this beach has got so many things to explore.Down in the picture you can see only a glimpse of what this beach offers. So this is an invitation for you to include this beach as one of your tour destinations!

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