Lassi is a small tourist destination in the south of Kefalonia and one of the best-developed tourist centers on the island. It is only 3km from the capital Argostoli.

There are several bays and small coves around Lassi, so you can have privacy while enjoying the crystal clear sea. Among the smaller beaches there are Gradakia and Paliostafida, while the main beaches are Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos.

Going to the south of the island, you will first arrive at several small pebbly bays and after that comes the Gradakia beach. The beach has sunbeds, umbrellas and shower, it is sandy and you can reach it by the path next to the bar, which is placed on a little higher spot.

After Gradakia is the beach of the Mediteranee Hotel. It is sandy, with sunbeds and umbrellas, and the beach guests are mostly guests of the hotel. The beach is ideal for those who are looking for less popular and less visited beaches.

After the mentioned hotel beach there is a beach bar and a small lovely beach Paliostafida. It can be reached by foot from the Mediteranee beach, but also from the asphalt road down the stairs. It’s almost nowhere marked, and the little sign that leads to it, is right above, on a small path between houses offering accommodation for rent. The beach is narrow, and it has a small bar in front of which there are umbrellas and sunbeds. On the left side of Paliostafida, looking towards the sea, right behind the wall, there is another, almost wild part of this beach, in the length of about 100m.

To reach the next one, one of the most urban beaches in Kefalonia, Makris Gialos, you need to go from the main road in Lassi. The local bus that stays above the beach drives to the beach, on the extension of the main road, from where you can see the panorama. At this place, about 1km long, there are actually two beaches and are practically connected, Makris Gialos occupies the north, and Platis Gialos is the southern part of the beach. Both beaches have fine sand, without stones and rocks, and the water is blue and infinitely clean. At Makris Gialos Beach there is a bar with umbrellas and sunbeds, a rescuer and a surfing center where you can rent various water sports equipment. Both beaches are very spacious and arranged with showers, dressing rooms, toilets, bars, and on Platis Gialos beach there is a large beach volleyball court. Several parking spaces surround both beaches and access to them is easy and accessible. To Makris Gialos beach, going the main road that separates from the main road, there are two places for parking in the shade, between the alley of the pine forest. One is at the very beginning of the road, and the other is in the hinterland of the beach. The parking space of Platis Gialos beach has no shade and is also located in the hinterland.

All the beaches, regardless of whether they are arranged or partially arranged, offer the opportunity to the visitors to put their own beach equipment, in particular Makris Gialos and Platis, which are also the widest beaches.