Spathies beach is located about 7,5 km south of Nikiti. When arriving from Nikiti, after the turn to Kalogria, continue ahead for about 1 km until you reach the turn for Spathies. You can park your car at the roadside extensions, and since there’s not a lot of much space, it might be a good idea to plan your arrival to the beach as early in the morning as possible during the tourist season.

Spathies beach actually consists of two separate beaches, a small and a large bay.

The small beach is closer to the road and you will come across it first. It’s only 50 m long and in the middle, it has a large tree that provides deep shade. Almost all visitors take a spot under the tree, so it’s quite crowded. The water is turquoise, the sand is fine and the sea is calm, so the beach is great for relaxing and splattering.

If you’re not in the mood for a crowd, continue on foot so that the small beach remains to your right. After a minute walk, you’ll come across a large beach, which is quite the opposite of the small one. About 200 m long, this beach is never crowded and ideal for everyone looking for peace. There’s also some natural shade to enjoy, but it’s definitely better to bring your own parasol. The beach is also sandy and there is a gradual entrance, and you can find rocks at both ends of the beach, so if you like to dive, we believe that you will find it interesting.

Neither of the two beaches are organized. They have no parasols or sunbeds, toilets nor showers, so make sure to bring your equipment with you and plan your meals, as there are no fast-food restaurants or kiosks.

The famous Kalogria beach is very close to Spathies beach, so you can visit it in the same day.

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