Sami is the second largest port of Kefalonia, connecting the island with Italy, Ithaca and Patra. It is located in the east of the island, about 25km from Argostoli. The whole village is surrounded by hills, it has about 1000 inhabitants and is famous for abundance of cafes and restaurants, one of which is the famous Captain Corelli’s Restaurant and Cafe Bar, the favorite place of fans of the famous film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

For tourists, this small village often remains in memory only as a stop on a way to Myrtos and Antisamos beach, or Melisani cave. One of the reasons for this lies in the fact that the place itself is not particularly attractive in the architectural sense, just like many others that were restored on this island after a major earthquake, and thus they have largely lost their authenticity. Nevertheless, it can be said that private yachts of tourists are often seen in Sami, since they undoubtedly come here for rest and relaxation.

As you walk through Sami, the vastness will initially draw your attention. The streets are wide, the promenade is separated and there is no traffic jam. During the summer, the municipality often organizes interesting cultural events and local celebrations, concerts and theater performances. Along the coast there is a large number of restaurants, some of which are very old, family ones, and serve fresh fish and traditional Greek dishes.

The Old Town of Sami is about 2km away from the city and is surrounded by ancient city walls. Taking a stroll to the remains of the old town can be an interesting walking adventure for all lovers of hiking, because the paths are passable and the road is well marked and adapted to tourist sightseeing.

In addition to the old town, in the surrounding area you can visit numerous sights of the island, such as the Melisani and the Drogarati caves, the Karavomilos Lake and the Agrilion Monastery. This Monastery was founded in the 18th century by two shepherds of Jacob and Simeon, who at that same place in 1722 found the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. It is located on the very top of the hill that separates the city and the beach Antisamos, which gives an incredible view of the entire forested area of ​​this part of the island.