The village of Kariotes is located only 2km from Lefkas and about 500m from Ligia, with which it is practically connected. Not even the natives can say with certainty where Kariotes ends and Ligia begins.

By walking from the main road towards the beach, you will come across an old saltern (Alikes tou Alexandrou), which is no longer in use. Between the sea and the saltern there is a beautiful, small church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, the patron saint of the village.

The beach in the village of Kariotes is long and pebbly, with no sandy parts. The sea is very calm on this stretch, there are almost no waves and water is crystal clear. There is also a road around the salt works, so the curious can go there by car. In addition to the aforementioned road, there is a main power transformer in Kariotes, which locals jokingly call the Eiffel Tower of Kariotes.

Kariotes has a lot of new accommodations along with Ligia and because of the cheaper price of overnights and proximity to Lefkas, it can serve as a great base for touring the whole island. Agios Nikitas and Nidri are just 16km far from Kariotes.

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