Pefkohori is the most popular tourist resort on Kassandra and a place with the longest tradition in tourism. It's located on the east coast and just over 700km away from Belgrade.

Its name means a place with lots of pine trees, which was unfortunately quite damaged in a recent fire. Above the main road is old Pefkohori where most residents live. It's characterized by narrow streets. It's worth visiting the old square that takes you back times with its appearance and atmosphere. The bigger (touristic) part of new Pefkohori is located below the main road, although the city is rapidly expanding upwards as well. This part of Pefkohori has two large parallel streets, one is main road and the other is promenade by the sea.

The beach is very long and mostly narrow, and slightly broader on the edges. Basically with small pebbles, the sea is clean and the depth is gradual. Pefkohori is very well visited, so in high season the main beach is crowded, as well as the promenade that's full of restaurants, taverns, bars and shops, as well as tourists. Deck chairs are usually included with drink, still there's a free space for visitors with their own equipment. Despite the crowd, water is usually clear and transparent, without grass and jellyfish. Rightmost part of the beach has a little natural shade.

The main street, actually highway that runs through Pefkohori, is also filled with stores, souvenir shops, bakeries, agencies ...

Coffee shops work mainly until shortly after midnight, and then the young go to a few nightclubs that run all night. The most popular nightclub for our tourists is Bombo. Popular night clubs are mainly located in the northern part of the city.

Pefkohori has several private infirmaries that accept insurance from Serbia. There're also pharmacies, rent-a-car agencies, a post office, amusement park for children, grocery stores with fresh fruit and vegetables, well-supplied supermarkets and shops that offer service of baking dishes. Gyros cost about 2,5e depending on a shop, and the most famous pizzeria is Capri, located on main street (the highway) and famous for its low prices.

In the city there's a lot of small shops, and its entrance to the city there are two large supermarkets - Sklavenitis (former Marinopoulos) and Masoutis.

On the main road there's a bus stop where you can take a bus to visit other places on Kassandra, and through local travel agencies you can go on trips to Sithonia, Kelyfos island, Mount Athos or the most beautiful beaches on Kassandra, either by boat or bus. Also you can visit the most beautiful beach in the region - Xenia (Chrousso).

If you came to Cassandra by car, then be sure to visit Kallithea (19km) which, in addition to being the center of night life on Kassandra, has a fantastic city beach with a beautiful sea and very fine sand. For a change, in the evening you can visit beautiful Hanioti (4km) or Polihrono (8km). We recommend to visit Afytos, the most authentic a place on Kassandra, located 22km from Pefkohori. You can visit Afytos on the same day as Kallithea, because they are very near to each other. If you want, you can also visit Thessaloniki (112 km) which is excellent both for shopping and entertainment (aqua park Waterland, planetarium).

Pefkohori provides all the possibilities for eventful vacation, even for the most demanding tourists. The only downside is narrow and mostly overcrowded beach. All in all, it's a good choice for those who like a lively town, always crowded promenade, beach, restaurants and outdoor cafes, a patchwork of everything, and for avoiding if you want a peaceful holiday in the fishing village and relaxation on the less-visited beaches.