Lefkada is a highly sought-after island in the Ionian Sea, boasting a plethora of hotels and apartments. Accommodations are mostly tailored for couples or groups of three, with fewer options available for larger families. Consequently, the rates for these multi-person apartments are slightly higher.

We offer over 200 apartment-style lodging options across all locations in Lefkada. To explore all the apartments available on Lefkada, simply click below.

If you wish to plan your vacation on Lefkada, you can delve into our comprehensive article Everything you need to know about Lefkada in one place. For more detailed information, please refer to our in-depth guide through the links provided below.

Browse through our selection of over 200 apartments on Lefkada HERE.

Should you require accommodation recommendations tailored to your preferences, feel free to reach out to us at nikana@nikana.gr, and our agents will promptly provide you with personalized offers.

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