Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. The most specific fact about this island, is its unreal blue color of the sea, hilly landscape, exotic beaches under the high cliffs, coast covered with crystal white gravel and beautiful bays full of sailboats.

Due to the fact that spending your summer in Lefkada often represents more adventure than vacation, this is a destination often chosen by young people or couples, and rarely by families with children. Because of that, the accommodation in Lefkada is mostly adapted for the young population and couples. There can rarely be found four bed or multiple bed villas or hotels, but double and most of all triple rooms or studios instead. If there are family apartments or studios, they are remarkably expensive.

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The accommodation prices in Lefkada are about 10% higher during the season, than the ones in northern Greece. This doesn’t apply for June, which is more affordable, because in June the temperature of Ionian sea is 2-3 degrees lower than the temperature of Aegean sea. This is the reason why September in Lefkada is very popular. In that part of the year the sea is very warm, so the season usually extends until October, which is why the accommodation prices in September are a little bit higher than expected.

When you are looking for accommodation in Lefkada, the most important thing that you should know is to choose the one that is on the best location for visiting the popular beaches. You don’t go to Lefkada to swim at the local beach, you go there to visit some of the most beautiful beaches, both on island and in the whole Greece, and according to some people, the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our advice would be that you don’t necessarily choose the accommodation near to the local beaches, which often are not so pretty, not for a single swim. Choose the accommodation that is slightly displaced, it would be the best to be located in the hill, so you could have the amazing view of stunning and turquoise sea, and from where you will enjoy the clean air and peace. Choose the accommodation where you will spend the most pleasant days and nights, and the rest of the time you could spend exploring the paradise beaches of Lefkada.

Except the most vibrant city of Nidri and several smaller towns in Lefkada, the accommodations are mostly located in hills and villages, which are a bit far away from the coast, but they are near to the popular beaches. The accommodation facilities are often lonely, located in beautiful meadows and hills, with a panoramic sea view. In northern Greece 500m away from the beach is too distant, while in Lefkada it’s quite common that the accommodation is a few kilometers away from the coast. These facilities are the most wanted, under the condition that they are on the good location for visiting popular beaches.

As it is known, the most beautiful beaches are located on the west coast of Lefkada, therefore the accommodation facilities on the west coast are more atractive. Capital city is also in a good position for the detour. On the east coast there are several places like Ligia and Nikiana which are close to the capital city Lefkas and beautiful beaches. There is also Nidri. It’s the most vibrant place on the island for all who like places with a lot of touristic attractions. Nidri is on the less favorable location for visiting the beaches, but this flaw Nidri compensates with a possibility of very good organisation of excursions to the neighboring islands Kefalonia, Ithaca…Vasiliki in the south and Agios Nikitas in the west are the two most beautiful places on Lefkada, they are also the two places with the best position for visiting the beaches.

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