Lefkada is famous for the beautiful beaches that grace the front pages all around the world. The magical, milky blue color of the sea of the most popular beaches is what attracts the most tourists from all over the world.
If you are planning a trip to Lefkada, here you will find answers to the questions you often ask us, which are the most beautiful beaches and how to get to them, which place to choose, what to visit, which excursions are available to the surrounding islands and many others…

Answers to frequently asked questions about Lefkada

If you are going to Lefkada for the first time and wondering what to visit, which beaches to go to, and what not to miss?

If you are going to Lefkada for the first time, and you are mobile and want to visit the famous beaches, the most important thing is to choose the starting point well. We recommend Agios Nikitas or Vasiliki, and then Lefkas and Nikiana.
All the most beautiful beaches are located on the west coast, so in our article The most beautiful beaches of Lefkada, see which beaches you must not miss.
Lefkada is also known for its famous viewpoints, so we believe that during the tours you will stop to take pictures at one of them.
If you like romantic places, be sure to visit the cafes Rachi and Amente, which offer a phenomenal view of the surroundings.
In the article First Time on Lefkada, get our other suggestions for your first vacation on this beautiful island.

Which place to choose for your vacation in Lefkada?

If you want to be closest to the most famous beaches, then Agios Nikitas or Vasiliki
If you want to be in a city that is the most lively with a lot of content throughout the day and evening, and yet in a good position for sightseeing, then the capital city Lefkas.
If you want to pass as cheaply as possible, then Nidri but then you will have to drive a lot to the famous beaches. The advantage of Nidri compared to other places is that the boat departures for other islands and beaches are from its port. See more about excursions from Nidri here.
If you want authentic places, a little further from the coast, but close to famous beaches, then the villages on the west coast (Tsoukalades, Exanthia…).
Lygia is also a good base for touring, as is Nikiana.

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Which places on Lefkada have that turquoise color of the sea?

The west coast of Lefkada is turquoise, while the east coast is not. Of the places, only Agios Nikitas has a turquoise city beach. Milos (beach next to A. Nikitas), Katizma, Pefkulja, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Avali, Megali Petra…
At the exit from Lefkas is a beach called Agios Ioannis, which also has a turquoise color. Read more in our page The most beautiful beaches of Lefkada.

Where are the smaller waves and depths in Lefkada?

If you don’t like waves, choose places like Nikiana where you can swim in the calm sea, and then go by car to the popular beaches in the west that often have waves. Agios Nikitas is also a good choice as a base, but also Vasiliki, where there are no waves in the morning and the sea is shallow. Read more in our Lefkada Guide.

Which beaches are MUST SEE in Lefkada?

Lefkada is famous for its beautiful beaches with incredibly beautiful milky blue water that should be seen and experienced.

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Lefkada

Milos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada. You will recognize it by the color of the water, which is magically milky blue.
Kathisma is accessible by car, wide, long, and organized, so if you want to enjoy the milky blue sea of ​​Lefkada without the walking and stairs, then Kathisma is the right choice.
Porto Katsiki can be seen on all the postcards of Lefkada, and it is counted among the most beautiful beaches in Greece and in the world.
Egremni is a beautiful beach famous for its former 350 steps leading to it. And most tourists say that it is worth every effort. It now has newly built, safer stairs. And its gorgeous blue leaves you breathless.
Agiofili The water on this beach is transparent, so it is a paradise for divers and those who like underwater activities. Its location is 2 km from Vasiliki.
In addition to them, you can also enjoy the following beaches, which are the same as the turquoise sea:
Mikros Gialos beach,
and Kalamitsi Beaches - Megali Petra\, Avali and Kavalikefta. All three are beautiful\, with winding driveways\, but without crowds.
You can see more about the TOP 5 beaches in our article The most beautiful beaches on Lefkada.

Which beaches on Lefkada have natural shade?

If you like natural shade, then Desimi beach, and if you like smaller coves, then Afteli. These two beaches are on the east coast and are emerald in color like the beaches of Thassos. Rouda Bay also.
There is also a priory shade in front of some accommodations in Nikiana that goes directly to the beach, and on the beach in the small town of Ligia, but it is much less than on the other islands.
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Where are the sandy beaches in Lefkada?

The sandy beach of Pondi in Vasiliki is the biggest attraction of Vasiliki and attracts the largest number of tourists. The beach is sandy with a long shoal about a hundred meters out to sea. Due to the fine sand and shallow sea it is an ideal choice for families with small children. Parts of Megali Petra and Pefkoulia beaches are also sandy, but this is very little. There are also small, pleasant pebbles on some parts of the beach in Nikiana.
Other beaches are not like those of Halkidiki, with sand as soft as flour.

Beaches that have beach bars

Pefkoulia, Avali (without deckchairs), Mikros Gialos, Agios Ioannis in Lefkas, Ammousa. Other beaches also have sunbeds, but no beach bars.
Agios Nikitas Beach is free for visitors with their equipment. There are no bars with sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach. There are restaurants and cafes on the promenade a few meters from the beach and one cafe on the rock next to the beach, but the city beach itself is not organized.

The inevitable question is how many steps are there to Egremni Beach on Lefkada?

We did NOT count, but they say there are around 400-410 including the concrete ones. It used to be 350. There is a parking lot before the stairs and last year it cost €10 a day for the whole day.

What to visit in Lefkada?

If you are placed in Nikiana you can visit Nidri and Lefkas which are close to Nikiana. You can also visit a nice little town Sivota, famous for its fish taverns as well as perhaps the most beautiful place in Lefkada, Vasiliki. From the beaches, you can visit the most famous Milos beach, the beach with natural shade Decimi, Kathisma… Also, we suggest you visit the Faneromeni monastery.
Read more about the places and beaches you can visit if you spend your summer in Nikiana in the text here.
If you are located in Agios Nikitas only 3km away is Pefkoulia, one of the few beaches with a sandy part. Faneromeni Monastery with a beautiful view of Agios Ioannis beach in Lefkada. The famous Kathisma is only 3.5km away and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada.
We wrote more about Agios Nikitas and nearby beaches here.
You can read about all the places in Lefkada in our Guide.

Excursions from Lefkada to famous islands

Lefkada is also famous for excursions to the surrounding islands. It is an unforgettable experience that we also recommend.
There are organized boat trips and ferries from Lefkada to several other Ionian islands.
So you can easily visit Kefalonia, Ithaca, Scorpios, and Madurai, but also the places of Parga, Preveza, the famous Acheron river, the Dimosari waterfalls near Nidri, the Monastery of the Virgin Fanemoreni near Lefkas, but also many other historical and cultural sights and churches, and even the remains of settlements from the Bronze Age. There are no excursions to Corfu and Zakynthos.
From Nidri, there are organized group tours every day to the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada (Egremni, Agiofili, and Porto Katsiki) and nine islands (Skorpios, Madurai, Meganisi, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Kastos, Paxi, Antipaxi).
You can read more about excursions from Nidri in our text by clicking here.
There is a ferry from Vasiliki to Fiskardo on Kefalonia (the line has been re-established since July 2022 after being interrupted due to the completion of port renovation works).
And there are also excursions to Fiskardo as part of a tour of other smaller islands near Lefkada. You stay in Fiskado for about two hours, because the place is small and there are no facilities for longer stays. If you want to get to know Kefalonia a little better, we suggest you go by yourself by ferry to Fiskardo, rent a scooter or car or use the city bus on the island and visit the beaches or places on Kefalonia all day.
There are no cruises from Agios Nikitas, but a transfer boat that can only take you to Milos Beach. You can get to the other beaches by car, taxi, or bus. Agios Nikitas is a small beach so large ships cannot dock there. Only a taxi boat departs from the beach to Milos Beach. For cruises, you have to go to Nidri.

How to organize a Trip to Kefalonia without a car?

During the season, West Ferry ferries depart from Lefkada three times a day. In the off-season, there are one or two departures. The sailing takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The ticket price for adults is 8.5e. We don’t know if there is a bike rental option in Fiskard. If not, there is an excellent local bus service.
How to visit Lefkada by boat from Sivota or Parga?
There is no boat option. There are organized bus trips to Lefkada from both places, but only as part of cruises that depart from Nidri to visit some of the beaches in Lefkada and a couple of nearby islands.
See more about excursions from Lefkada in our text by clicking on the link HERE.
See here about ferries to Kefalonia.

Is the Ionian Sea colder? What are the sea temperatures in Lefkada?

The ruling opinion is that the Ionian Sea is colder than the Aegean Sea. Long-term measurements refute this opinion and say that in September the Ionian is even warmer than the Aegean.
Average sea temperatures on Lefkada in Nidri are around 20 degrees in May, 24 degrees in June, 26 degrees in July, and very warm in August and September.
Read more about whether the Ionian Sea is colder than the Aegean Sea by clicking here.

Off-season holiday in Lefkada

Vacationing in the pre-season is always a bit of a risk. The average sea temperature in June in the last 50 years on Lefkada is 22.5°C. In our opinion, the second half of June is an excellent period for vacation, as well as the first half of July.
It is important to know that in June you must bring warm clothes, sneakers, and thin jackets for evening walks. There are swimmers in June, but not in large numbers. Read more about off-season vacations.
But in the off-season, September is beautiful. The sea is warm and the evenings are more pleasant for walks and sleeping, there are places on all beaches, and parking is no longer a problem. All the elements for a relaxed vacation are there.
To better plan your vacation, look at the average sea temperatures. Click on the circle on the map for the place you are interested in, and you will get a diagram of sea temperatures in each month of the year.
Also, before departure, see the weather forecast for every place in Greece.

How to get to Lefkada?

If you are traveling to Lefkada for the first time, we advise you to read our texts in the guide:
Trip to Lefkada by car
Travel to Greece over Niki border crossing

Parking in Lefkada

Are there parking lots in Agios Nikitas? No, the place does not have public parking. Most visitors park their cars on the side of the road, next to the highway. Another option is to book accommodation that has private parking. Take a look at our Milos villa.
There is a large parking space next to Katizma Beach. At the height of the season, you should arrive early to get a free parking spot, otherwise, there are plenty of private parking lots that are paid for.

Holidays in Lefkada without a car

Agios Nikitas, for example, has a beautiful town beach where you can enjoy the turquoise sea that Lefkada is famous for, and you can reach the famous Milos beach by boat or on foot over the hill. If it is important to you that the place has more content, then it is better to be in Vasiliki (Ponti), a bigger place, and you can reach the famous Agiofili beach by boat or on foot.
The capital city of Lefkada is also a good choice, as it has a lot of entertainment for the evening, and the beach of Agios Ioannis next to the place itself is not bad.
However, going to Lefkada and not visiting Porto Katsiki, Egremni, and Katizma would be a real shame.
There is a bus service on the island to larger towns and famous beaches. With good organization, it is possible to make a good plan and enjoy the charms of Lefkada even without a car. See more about transportation in Lefkada here.
If you are not traveling with your vehicle, you can read about renting a car (rent-a-car) in Lefkada here.

How much does a public transport ticket cost?

It is not a question of city transport, but “intercity” so the ticket price depends on the distance you travel and range from €1.5 for the shortest distances to €3-4-5 for longer ones.

How are prices in Lefkada compared to Sithonia?

The prices are very similar. Lefkada is not more expensive than Sithonia.
You can find more detailed information about vacationing in Lefkada in our GUIDE for Lefkada.
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