Kavala is the capital city of the Kavala region. It is 165km away from Thessaloniki and it is located in the Kolpos bay.

Kavala itself is not that well known as a location to spend your summer holidays although over the past few years, more and more accommodations emerged. Still, that is not enough for a city on the shore of the Aegean sea.

Kavala is an administrative-cultural-industrial center of the region, a harbor and a city interesting to tourists because of its historical meaning.

Besides Thassos, the most famous summer resorts near Kavala are Nea Iraklitsa, Nea Peramos, Palio, Orfinio and Keramoti.

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In the region of Kavala, there are numerous beautiful beaches, and Ammolofi beach is one of the most famous, near Nea Peramos. It is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in this region but in the whole of Northern Greece.

The abovementioned places near Kavala are small summer resorts most like the ones in Thassos and Chalkidiki. City beaches are sandy and there are many small and semi-wild coves.

Keramoti has one big and very wide sandy beach with well-known cafes.

Kavala is a city with a lot of big supermarkets that belong to famous greek and foreign supermarket chains so supplying can be easily done. Besides markets in Kavala, on Saturdays, you can visit the local well-known street market where locals also stop by to shop for food supplies, fruits and vegetables and clothes for a better price.

Smaller summer resorts in this region have markets also. Every place has a promenade, restaurants, cafes and if you see for some quality nightlife, that can be found in Kavala.

In the region of Kavala, you can visit the famous ancient city Philippi, built by the father of Alexander the Great. Philippi is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the whole Greece and has a big meaning for Christians.

Kavalas’ old town, Panagia, should be on a must-see list in Kavala, alongside the fortress and the aqueduct.

There’s a tobacco and archaeology museum in Kavala also.

Spending your summer vacation in Kavala or nearby can merge: vacation, visit historical sights, big city, pretty beaches and peaceful summer resort you can choose as a base, but also, nightlife and shopping. Those who decide to spend their holidays in one of the places in the Kavala region, can be sure that they are going to have very picturesque holiday.

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