What is it that makes it so special Lefkada to almost everybody who have visited it? And what is the reason why some tourists never want to come back to Lefkada?

We will try to answer on these two questions in the next article and help you to decide whether the Lefkada is ideal destination for you.

On your coming to Lefkada there are dozens and dozens of long tunnels near Metso what indicates adventure. And then there is Preveza and passage through an underwater tunnel beneath the Amvrakikos Gulf, and soon after the bascule bridge that connects Lefkada with the mainland, finally arriving to Lefkada and right in the main town Lefkas.

As we mentioned Lefkada is an island with high hills and mountains and that just give it to her extra taste. Traditional villages on the slopes and centuries old churches in them, tourist places by the sea surrounded by the hills and greenery, numerous anchored boats in marinas, vertical walls above the most beautiful beaches, fantastic view points and unreal blue sea that makes Lefkada truly special destination.

From Lefkada there are organized boat trips, as well as ferries to several other Ionian islands. So you can easily visit the island of Kefalonia, Ithaca, Scorpions, Maduri, but also the Parga city, Preveza, the famous river Acheron, Dimosari waterfalls near Nidri, the monastery of the Virgin Mary Fanemoreni near Lefkas, but also many other historical and cultural monuments and churches, but even the remains of settlements from the Bronze Age. On Lefkada you can try windsurfing or gliding, and because of the favorable wind Lefkada is known as an excellent destination for paragliding or parachuting.

We mentioned that sea around Lefkada is unreal blue and that colour you must experience, there are no words to say or photos to describe it. On the most popular beaches the sea is milky blue, and during the diving visibility is on low level, so Lefkada is not so good for divers (except some beaches on the south-east). Beaches on Lefkada are not sandy, they are usually gravelly, and gravel is on some of them very small while on some other there are bigger so soft feet won't like beaches on Lefkada. If you like only sandy beaches, take sandals for water and quality mattresses, because some beaches haven't sunbeds.

Because of mentioned hills, mountains and walls above the beaches, roads to the beaches on Lefkada are very narrow, curving, with bends, steeply, often without safety fence, and because of all this they are not transparent. On some places there are no possibility to pass over another car, they are not marked sometimes, in some moments they are not safe, and they makes you tired and you must have good concentration when you are driving. And that's not all. If you want to go to some beaches, after hard drive, you must walk via stairs to reach the beach. And when the beaches are wild via stairs you must take with you equipment for beach, food, water...because of all this tourists who love peace and calm summer holidays on Lefkada can be very disappointing, because there are very rare beaches that you can easy reach like we know from Sithonia or Thassos, so the holiday becomes a hard driving and ''mountaineering''. Also, we believe that driving with scooter around Lefkada is not enough safe and we do not recommend it.

The best advice that you can take before you go on Lefkada is that you need there comfortable shoes for ways down to the beaches.

On Lefkada there can be annoying wind and waves which are often, but also fact that there is not place which have a nice city beach. All good beaches are out of places so every day driving is necessary.

And after all ''flaws'' we believe that everyone can have a great time on Lefkada If you know what you want from your vacation and if you make a good plan for summer and plan according to your habits and needs.

We will try to help you with that in some next texts.