Tristinika is the continuation of an almost 5km long sandy beach in Toroni. To approach this beach is not so easy as it is easy to approach other beaches (1km drive along the macadam road that leads there), but it is worth trying because Tristinika is beautiful in its own way.

The big and comfortable beach, the fine sand and tiny pebbles on the shore, the dark blue sea and beautiful sunsets, and also the view of the neighboring Kasandra are the qualities of Tristinika. You have got enough space so you don not have to worry about the crowdedness. 
Although it is not well-organized as other beaches, there are two beach bars that offer deck-chairs and parasols. The bar at the northern end of the beach is more interesting- on a small hill, with a great view and good vibes that will certainly amaze you. Nearby Tristinika there is a camp and on the very beach there are a lot of put up tents. It is Ethnik club, very creatively arranged with relaxing, chill-out atmosphere, seating sets and benches for seating in the shade. From the garden of Ethnik club and from the beach you get to enjoy beautiful sunsets. The prices at this bar are a bit higher than in some other places, but if you order drink or some food, you can sit in the deckchairs and enjoy the beach all day.

In the back part of Tristinika there is a camp, and on the very beach there are a lot of put-up tents.

For the most part the beach is not organized and so there is a lot of free space for setting the beach equipment even at the top of the beach. The beach is longer than 1km, and in some parts wider than 50m, so the fact that this beach cannot be crowded is not surprising. In the southern part of the beach there is Despotiko hotel with its own bar on the beach. The beach in this part must be reached through the gate and yard of this hotel.

Tristinika beach does not have a shoal which is characteristic for a lot of beaches on Sithonia and it is not so attractive for families with small children. Although the bottom is sandy, the depth is reached at a distance of 1 to 2 meters after getting into the water, so this beach is more convenient for swimmers than children and non-swimmers.

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