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lagonisi beach sithonia
Updated December 12, 2019 7 comments

The most beautiful beaches on Sithonia

What you're about to read is a selection of the best beaches on Sithonia in no particular order, because choosing a favorite beach on this magnificent peninsula would be nearly impossible. Please keep in mind that these gorgeous beaches are at the peak of their beauty when they're not...

Kalogria beach 28
Updated November 28, 2019 no comments

Kalogria beach

Kalogria beach is located at the west side of the peninsula, about 5km south of Nikiti, 1km after Agios Ioannis beach. It's a very popular 500m long beach and it's one of the most beautiful in Halkidiki due to the turquoise sea, fine sand and natural shade. It's sandy on...

karidi beach sithonia
Updated July 6, 2019 no comments

The most beautiful beaches nearby Sarti

According to many people, Sarti is an ideal place to stay if you are coming to vacation on Sithonia. Except of the longer trip to Sarti and the wind that blows often and causes waves, we can not think about any other disadvantage of Sarti, while there are a lot...

sykia beach sithonia 4
Updated January 14, 2020 no comments

Sykia beach

When we visited Sykia for the first time, we couldn't quite understand why would someone want to spend their holiday in such a small place with so little content. After spending a month in the South of Sithonia, we were proven wrong and we found out that Sykia really...

toroni sithonia 1
Updated December 14, 2019 no comments

Toroni city beach

Toroni is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Sithonia. It is mostly visited by families with smaller children because it's a very peaceful place with no crowd, both in the town itself and on the beach. The beach in Toroni is one of the most beautiful city beaches...

Spathies beach 7
Updated November 28, 2019 no comments

Spathies beach

Spathies beach is located about 7,5km south of Nikiti. Arriving from Nikiti, after the turn to Kalogria, continue ahead for about 1km until you reach the turn for Spathies. You can park your car at the roadside extensions, and since there's not to much space, it's not a bad...

orange beach 7
Updated November 16, 2019 2 comments

Orange beach (Kavourotripes)

This phenomenal beach is certainly one of the best on Sithonia, and probably the entire Halkidiki peninsula. It is known under several names - Orange beach, Kavourotrypes,  Portokali... Kavourotrypes is actually the name of the 5 km long coast and along this coast there's a lot of coves with white...

kavourotripes coast megaportokali 0011
Updated September 1, 2019 no comments

Mega Portokali Beach

Mega Portokali beach is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia. It is located about 7km north from Sarti, 700m after the Orange beach. It is not marked, but the turn you will recognize by the canteen which is located near the highway and the extension...

pigadaki beach sykia sithonia chalkidiki (10)
Updated May 22, 2019 no comments

Pigadaki beach

Pigadaki beach is just around 100 m away from Linaraki. When you get to Sikia beach, drive uphill to Pigadaki beach, and after a few hundred meters you will get to another bay called Pigadaki. This is a small beach, around hundred meters long, with two famous restaurants in the back....

Neos Marmaras city beach 24
Updated May 22, 2019 no comments

Neos Marmaras city beach

Public beach in Neos Marmaras was a pleasant surprise for us. A very long beach with clean, turquoise water. Along the beach there are trees so there is natural shade. The most part of the beach is intended for the visitors with their own equipment, but in one part...