Rodia beach was once called Banana by a bar that was located on it. It is located about 10km south of Vourvourou and about 1km after Zografou beach. When turning from the highway there is a big sign reading “Rodia” and drawn pomegranate which is exactly what the word Rodia means (pomegranates).

From the road to the beach is a 2km long dirt road. It is necessary to drive carefully and slowly, but it’s worth it, because the beach is really beautiful! Along the beach there is a parking lot, usually insufficient for all visitors, but there are parking spaces and extensions along the way to the beach.

On the beach there is a bar in addition to fast-food diner and excellent souvlaki, with benches and tables in deep shade.From the restaurant to the beach water there are walkingpaths.The back side of the beach is covered by a deep shade where you can find comfortable seating furniture, lazy bags, beautiful lawn where you can set your own towels and sunbeds. All in all,we see it as a perfect place to truly enjoy and relax where you will not want to leave before sunset.

The beach is small, only 200m long, with deck chairs and umbrellas, as well as space for those who have their own equipment. On the coast is gravel and in thewater is a combination of a very small pebbles and stones. The water is very, very clean and clear and emerald green because of the greenery that surrounds it. The bar plays quiet music, just enough to relax or sleep.The beach is ideal for diving and snorkeling, relaxing with a book…The food in the restaurant is delicious, and the prices are decent. In addition to souvlaki can be found pizza made on a wooden stove, and they serve on the beach as well.

If you want to relax with soft music in the shade, on a beautiful beach, away from the traffic and crowds, Rodia can be more than a good choice. We are glad to come back to this beach every time.

PS. In the shade, it is enough to order some drinks or food to enjoy lazy bags or rugs, while the policy for renting sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach has changed several times.

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