Sithonia - comprehensive tourist guide

    Mali proizvođači lokalnih proivoda na Sitoniji, Blog, Blog

    Dear friends, we know that you like to buy and try local Greek products when you come to Greece, as well as to take them home as a gift or souvenir. We have tried to provide you with contacts of small producers of the most popular local products. The most common...

    the best restaurants and dishes on sithonia  (16)
    Updated May 06, 2022.

    The best restaurants in Sithonia

    We are used to fantastic food on Thassos and in Thessaloniki, so we expected nothing less from Sithonia. Our expectations are only partially fulfilled, but we will give it another chance. What we would put under the list "try for sure" is described in the following text. In Sarti, we would point out...

    greek sweets (3)
    Updated December 25, 2020.

    Pastry shops on Sithonia

    Greek sweets! Who can resist them? It's known that Greek bakeries and pastry shops offer a variety of sweet specialties. Even if you are lost in some mountain village with no developed tourism, there's no doubt you will be amazed by local pastries in pastry shops. Even though we try to avoid...

    souvlaki agios prodromos mitilidis chalkidiki (4)
    Updated April 27, 2020.

    Famous souvlaki in Halkidiki

    Souvlaki (grilled meat on a skewer) is the most popular Greek fast food. Gyros is popular, but more among tourists, the Greeks prefer souvlaki. Souvlaki is equally enjoyed by both children and adults. It can be made from chicken or pork, with vegetables, bacon, mushrooms ... According to many, the best souvlaki...