Vourvourou is located on the eastern coast of Sithonia, and it is 120km away from Thessaloniki and 50km from Polygyros. From the Nikiti it is 10km away, whereas from well-known places Sarti and Neos Marmaras is as equally distant (30km).

This is a place that stretches many kilometers along the coast. Vourvourou is not the right place for those who prefer to go typical Greek coastal villages as there are no promenades and there is no crowd that most Greek places are famous for. Vourvourou is a good place for those seeking for a real vacation in some of the accommodations whose frontyards lead directly to the beach, and there are a lot of villas and hotels like that here. Vourvourou is practically a well-developed weekend-town, suitable for a more elite social class of this Greek region and is characterized by a great number of luxurious private houses, and nicely arranged villas to rent with flourishing gardens and nicely arranged yards.

The beach in the town is not one of the best known in Sithonia (it is narrow and there happens to be a lot of grass), but it is sandy, has a shoal and can really serve the purpose. One of the advantages of this town is that the beach Karidi is nearby which is certainly counted among the most beautiful beaches in Sihtonia. It is known for the turquoise and clear water and being very appealing is a reason why tourists from all over Sithonia want to come here.Beside the beach towards the more central area the mountain Itamos rises and there are many hiking lanes all the way there.

Vourvourou is special because in its proximity there is an archipelago of nine islands, Diaporos being the biggest one. In that sense Vourvourou offers something that no other place on Sithonia does and that is boats to rent and going to the Diaporos island, spending time in the water on the small beaches on the island with the turquoise water and the view of the blue lagoon. Here the water on the beaches is very calm and warm as they are hidden from the wind and cold currents by islands.

In the town there are a few markets for supplies, sevaral pizzerias and restaurants.

Vourvourou is a perfect place summer resort for peaceful and family holidays due to its great number of excellent and luxurious hotels and villas with pools and flourishing gardens which lead directly to the beach, without having to pass the street. On the other side, nearby Vourvourou there are some of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia, but also wonderful places and all of this makes it the excellent base for seeing the rest of Sithonia.

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