Trani Amoudia or Livrohio which is its second name, is situated nearby Ormos Panagias. This big sandy beach is one of the best on Sitonia. You can expect to sea the turquoise and crystal clean sea, the fine and smooth sand, with more enough space to put your parasols and towels. Of course, there is a part of the beach where you can get deck-chairs and parasols with an ordered drink from a nearby bar.
On the northern end of the beach there is a small cape where you can find the remainings of the old Byzathium tower. Archaeologists believe that here used to be the location of the Antique town Sigos.

There are about 15 accommodations in the hinterland of the beach, with some sun beds and parasols reserved for their guests only, while others are free for visitors. Before settling in, it is best to ask how much the deck chairs cost, as in some bars they are only available with the ordered drink, and it may happen that only 50 meters away the deck chairs cost € 10.

There are showers and changing rooms on the beach and are located within the bars, as well as toilets.
On the beach you can find water sports - water park, so you can have fun there also.

If you are with young children and looking for shallows on this beach there are many, but since the beach is a very long shallow it is not equally represented in all its parts, so it is not a bad idea to check the condition first before settling down. In our opinion, the best part of the beach is somewhere in the central part.
The only tiny disadvantage is the lack of natural shade, but you can’t get everything everywhere.

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