Nikiti is consisted of two parts. The new one is next to the sea, on this side of the main road. Here are located all the villas and hotel, restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions. From the other part of the main road is the Old Nikiti, place where the owners live.

Old Nikiti is authentic and it represents the heart of the village.

You can get to Old Nikiti by foot. If you start going away from the sea on the main crossroad you will get to the main square in about ten minutes. If you don’t feel like walking you can always go by car.

Walking towards the Old Nikiti you will see a lot of houses made of stone with wooden windows, blinds and balconies. The combination of stone and wood is typical for Greek architecture. You will see that the place is very clean and most of the yards are full with flowers.

Cobblestone road will take you straight to the main square you you can enjoy the walk. The road goes a bit uphill.

We recommend you to visit Old Nikiti in the afternoon or evening when the sun is not so strong. At this time there is a bit more people and visitors on the square so the atmosphere is more interesting. Humidity and the temperature are a bit lower in this part than next to the coast line.

In the square there are two coffee shops and one big tavern. You will enjoy sitting in them no matter if you came to eat or just for coffee. Here you will be able to feel the real spirit of Greece.

If you continue going uphill you will get to the church. It is located on the hill so you will have a nice view of the sea.

It is nice to be on the main square when the sun goes down and when the lights are turned on. The atmosphere becomes more alive with many local people and tourists around. The restaurant is very good with affordable prices. One visit to Old Nikiti will be enough for you to fall in love with Sithonia.

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