Around the island, throughout, there is a very solid, highway with two lanes. This road is mostly by the sea, which makes rides on the island special pleasure. Dangerous parts are almost gone. Section of the road Limenas - Skala Maries has some curves and slopes. It is this section that is the easiest to drive, except for the passage through the very populated areas. From Skala Maries to the entrance to Limenaria there is a short section with a very tight bends. Then from Limenaria until Astris curve are not so many.From the approach the monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, above Livadi bay, curves become frequent and inclines become more steep. The hardest section with plenty of elbow bends and substantial inclines is from Skala Potamia and Golden Beach to the mountain village of Panagia further to Limenas.

Although the traffic police and radar control generally does not exist, for your own safety and the safety of other road users, it is desirable not to drive fast, especially not through settlements and the aforementioned winding sections.

If possible, avoid night driving on the island because the path from one place to another is not illuminated.