If you want to learn to dive on Thassos there are several scuba diving clubs with professional trainers who can help you with that. Of course you can take your own equipment if you are already an experienced diver. If you want to have some fun and watch the sea depth from the surface of the water near the shore, snorkeling is ideal for you.

One of the most beautiful beaches for diving and snorkeling is Trypiti beach with great rock plates and rich marine life, wild rocky coves and caves that you can find if you head west from the beach. The same it is with Pefkari and Salonikios beach.

Alyki is also a great place for divers, first of all because of the very clear water and rocks where the various marine animal and plant life. This is particularly true in the wild bay in Alyki.

Kekes beach and natural swimming pool in the rock - Giola can also be a great place for diving.

Beaches Atspas, Saint Anna and La Scala hide many octopuses in the rocks on the sides, and at the bottom, starfish in different colors. OF course, don’t kill starfish, leave them in the sea.

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