Atspas beach is one of the three beaches located in Skala Marion. It is located 6km from Limenaria on the west coast. When you approach Skala Marion do not go right on the highway but continue forward to enter Skala Marion. Before entering, right at the first villas and cafes, you will see below, on the left, small beach with umbrellas of cane. You can get down with the car.

It is a small and highly visited cove. Best known for fine sand, in the water and on the shore, and of a very long shallow, so it is very suitable for families with young children. Beach is known for beautiful sunsets, large cane umbrellas, and very clean water.Two sunbeds and one umbrella are charged at 7e. On the beach there is a volleyball net. The beach does not have a shower.

You can park your car in the shade by the beach or the road.
You can spot the starfish in the water and octopus on the surrounding rocks.

From time to time, especially after a storm, the beach is an accumulation of dead leaves, and by the end of July and August is crowded and the water can be dirty.

On Atspas beach you can see, for many, the most beautiful sunset. The beach is usually the most beautiful in the late afternoon, when there's no crowds, and the water reaches the highest temperature.

At about 50 meters away there is a supermarket and 500m further there's an excellent taverns located in the center of Skala Marion.

On this beach till evening you can enjoy the peace, warm water and light music from the bar.

Take a look at this video clip of Atspas beach on our Youtube channel.