Kekes beach is one of few rocky beaches on Thassos, completely hidden and invisible from the road, and also very unusual.

It is located one kilometer before Aliki beach, from Potos direction. To the right of the road, you will see a gate to the Skidia Tavern. It is also the gateway to Kekes Beach. As soon as you turn out of the way and pass the gate that reads Skidia Restaurant, you will enter a large yard, which belongs to the Kekes bungalows. Descending by car towards the sea, you will pass a tavern on the coast.

Kekes Beach is actually a long area full of white flat rocks, where you can enjoy sunbath and jump into the amazingly clear sea. These rocks are also very suitable for fishing. On the left and right are two very small, sandy coves for all those who need gradual entry into the water.

Since the beach is neither advertised nor crowded, it may be that you will be completely alone.

There is already mentioned excellent Skidia restaurant. This restaurant offers a large variety of local dishes, prepared in a traditional, brick oven in the backyard. Skidia is one of the few restaurants that offers homemade gyros, not the one that is sold at classic fast-food bars. The restaurant is in a very nice location with a sea view.

If you like to enjoy places that are a bit exotic and if you don’t like the classic long sandy beaches, full of umbrellas and swimmers, Kekes Beach will be an ideal place for you.

In addition to jumping, you can also enter the water by going down the metal steps, which are several located along the beach.

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