San Antonio beach is the extension Potos city beach.

It is an organized beach, sandy, and wider than Potos city beachAccess to the beach is excellent, and along the beach there are places to park.

The sand is very fine and you can find it on the shore and in the water. The depth is gradual and has parts that are very shallow, so in some places the water is up to knees or waist, even after about 20 meters from shore.
This beach is great for all those who want shallow water because of the children, fine sand on the shore and safe entry without stones (in this case especially recommends the left side of the beach looking from the coast) are just bonus.

The beach is organized so you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas on it, or get them for free with a drink or ice cream, and of course if you wish, you can put your own towel and umbrella in any part of the beach.

Sunbeds that belong to some of the luxury hotels are paid regardless of whether or not ordering a drink, so we recommend you to ask for the procedure before choosing sunbeds.

Along the beach there are several excellent restaurants and taverns.

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Take a look at this video clip from this beach on our Youtube channel.