Mola Kaliva is a small village with an average beach. With pebble on the coast, and with flat stone in first few meters, then with sand and shoal in the water. In some places there are bags placed in order to easily pass across the flat stone and get to the sand and shoal. This beach is not perfect for children. The water is clear and the sea is calm. Sometimes the leaves are on the coast, and the beach has a natural shade. Some parts are organized, and there is also a well known Kudu bar with fine music.

White Season beach bar is located right after Mola Kaliva toward Nea Skioni. It’s a very popular bar on the west coast of Kassandra. Beautifully furnished and comfortable, with large parking area. Behind the bar there’s a forest that gives special charm to the ambience. The bar has a large lawn area suitable for playing “racket” or children’s play. Service at the bar is great, the music is usually not too loud. The sea is very clean and transparent, but with rocks and stones on the bottom of the sea and sea urchins in some parts.

Local beach in Nea Skioni is a pebbly on the shore and with stones and gravel parts in the water. It’s organized, and a bit wider, better and with fine sand at the dock.