Besides olives and excellent olive oil, Thassos is well known for its exquisite lamb. Sheep and lambs are on domestic farms, and that’s why lamb, but also goat kids, are offered on the menu in numerous restaurants, which are usually from Thassos.

Traditionally, the best lamb can be tasted in villages like Theologos, Panagia and Kazaviti.

In Theologos, the most popular restaurants are Kleoniki (Iatrou) and Labros, in Panagia is the best one on the small square, near the fountain and near big platanus tree, there are two big restaurants and both offer well-prepared lamb on a spit, while in Kazaviti you can taste lamb under the bell.

Besides lamb on a spit, we recommend you to try the lamb ribs. Lamb’s ribs are available in most of the restaurants on the island, the main thing for them is to be fresh and not frozen. We liked the most in San Antonio restaurant, on the same beach, near Potos.

One of the rare restaurants that offer a lamb, and other meat on a charcoal grill and not on an electric spit is George restaurant, on the main street in Potos. The restaurant offers this kind of service only in the evening.

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