As the owner of a pet, we know what it means to go on a holiday without it, but also how complicated it is with it. Fortunately, there are accommodations that are pet friendly, they are rare but easy to find.

You can see HERE what documents are needed to cross the border with a dog or cat.

According to the law in Greece, dogs are not allowed to swim on organized beaches. However, we often see them swimming on such beaches, especially small dogs.

Bigger dogs can also be seen on urban beaches, but much less, because usually there is one of the tourists or owners of beach bars who react negatively. A dog’s stay on urban beaches is not prohibited if a dog is kept on a leash and with a basket, but swimming is.

For this reason, but also to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, we recommend that you still avoid the beaches that are crowded and swim in front of the beach bars.

We would recommend a few beaches on Thassos that are ideal for your dog to swim and enjoy in peace.

In the south of the island, it would be the Pefkari beach, not the central bay, but the bay where the camp Pefkari is located. In this area, there are usually no crowds and the beach is not yet organized. About 4km from Potos before Psili Ammos there is still a wild Saint Anna beach that could also be appropriate.

There is also the Kekes beach, located just before Alyki, then Agios Ioannis and Livadi, where there are no crowds. Agios Ioannis and Livadi are long enough to always find your corner to enjoy them.

There are wild coves between Pefkari and Limenaria, just after Skala Marion (from the direction of Prinos), one part of Metalia is also without the crowd, as well as part of the Dasilio beach in Skala Prinos.

The beach in Limenaria is 2km long, and it often happens that part of that beach towards Trypiti is completely empty so it can be ideal for you.

Kinira and Skala Rachoni also have long beaches, so these places could be suitable for pets.

Otherwise, there are two veterinary clinics on Thassos. One is in Limenaria, on the way to Kalivia, and the other in Limenas. Both are excellent and are true animal lovers.

There are two pet shops in Limenaria, none in Potos, and there are several in Limenas.

In every supermarket, even the smaller shops you can find food for dogs and cats.

There is an asylum for dogs with about 200 dogs in Skala Prinos, so if you want to donate money or take one dog for a walk during your stay because they are many and always indoors.

Telephone numbers of veterinary clinics:

Limenas, Pistel Constantine - 00302593058384

Limenaria, Georgiadis Nikolaos - 00306972076043

To check out accommodation offers on Thassos click HERE turn on the filter option, check the “pets” option and choose the appropriate PET FRIENDLY accommodation for your family and pet.

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