Antisamos beach is on the top of the list of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia. It is awarded with a blue flag, and it is only a few kilometers southeast of the port Sami. It is hidden at the foothill of lush greenery and is one of the most arranged beaches on the island. It is wide and spacious with several large parking spaces, one of which is partially in a natural shade. The approach of the beach is standard, winding and quite steep, as well as most places in Kefalonia worth visiting.

On the beach itself there are several bars offering drinks, food, sunbeds and umbrellas.
This beach is specific for several reasons. It is quite urbanized, unlike most beaches in Kefalonia. It is covered with pearly white pebbles giving it an unusual shine and brightness, and the great and sudden depth is very close to the entrance to the water. This is why this is one of the few beaches on the island that is not suitable for inexperienced swimmers and young children. In the shallow part of the water there are also white pebbles, which is why there is a remarkable contrast in color and water, which is quite unrealistic. This beach is one of the best places on the island for snorkeling. In the shallow waters, flocks of large fishes that are not afraid of swimmers, so it is easy to observe them.

On the right side of the shore there are no sunbeds and umbrellas, so you can put your own beach equipment there if you don’t like crowded sunbeds. This part of the beach often brings together nudists.

Antisamos beach is also known for being one of the locations where the movie Mandolin of Captain Correli was filmed.

When it comes to beaches surrounding Sami, there are not a lot of choices. Apart from the Antisamos beach, going to the village Karavomilos, there is a beach Karavomilos, which extends about 1km. Karavomilos is a peaceful fishing village famous for its natural beauty, located among the eucalyptus trees. In the village itself is the lake with the same name, surrounded by extraordinary greenery that attracts a large number of diverse birds.

Karavomilos beach itself is pebbly, with a gradual entrance into the water. It is specific for the phenomenon known as Katavotres, which makes the sea water mixes with sweet water that, at the other end of the island, at Argostoli, sinks and springs on this side.

At the exit of the village Karavomilos, about 200m to the left of the main road, there is one of the top 10 tourist attractions of Kefalonia, the mysterious Lake Melisani. It is 30 meters deep and hidden in a cave, 22 meters below ground. When the sun’s light turns its rays to the ground in the afternoon, water in this lake gets an incredible shade of blue.

At about 3.5km north of Karavomilos beach, next to the main road, there is a small pebble beach Agia Paraskevi. The beach is not arranged, and beside the road there is little extension of the road where cars can be parked. In the backyard of the beach there is a lane that makes a nice shade on the beach in the afternoon.

The first next spot is Agia Efimia and it does not have a big beach. At the exit from the village there is a small beach reached by stairs, and after that a greater number of bays by the road.