Kinira beach is a narrow zone of sand and gravel on the shore, and all that part of the coast until Limenas begins from Kinira, leads towards Paradise Beach and extends towards Skala Potamia and Golden Beach, a distance of about 20 kilometers.

The beach is generally not organized and it is without sunbeds and umbrellas except for the parts that belong to some accommodation and their cafe bars.

The beach is usually used by the guests accommodated in Kinira.The first few meters in the water are stones, followed by a zone of sandy bottom. There are only sand parts that are with long shallow and crystal clear water.

This beach is quite beautiful with very clean water and no crowds even in the height of the season, so if you like quiet beaches where you can be alone and enjoy the sounds of the sea, we suggest you put this beach on the map.

As the beach is almost wild, you won’t find any facilities on it, including showers, cabins, and toilets.

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