Psakoudia, a little town in the very centre of Sithonia, is located between two peninsulas on Halkidiki, Sithonia and Kassandra. It is famous for its sandy beach which is a few km long with its yellow-golden sand. The beach is the owner of the blue flag. The place itself was once a port of the village Ormilia, and since there are not a lot of contents for tourists, it is more suitable for all those who want to have a peaceful vacation nearby a well-arranged beach.

Psaudokia has only one main street that stratches along the beach in which a few taverns are settled, while some excellent bars and cafes are situated on the beach with nicely arranged gardens, and a few stores as well. The beach is very wide, sandy and it gradually becomes deeper. It has got deck-chairs, parasols, which you can get for free if you order coffee or a drink, having enough space for setting your own equipment. Because of its nice beach, Psaukoudia is developing and in her surroundings new complexes are going up, with accommodation units, all of them being very close to the beach.

Nearby Psaudokia there is a well-known monastery Ormilia that anyone must visit, and one of the most important antique cities in the north, Olynthos.  The administrative center of Halkidiki, Poligiros, is also near, which makes supplying simple.

Psaukoudia is a great place for you if you want a real vacation, without commotion and tourists, and an excellent base for seeing Sitonia and Kasandra. Psaukodia is also attractive for those who are fond of mountaineering and for whom it represents the base for further exploring of the mountain area of Halkidiki.