The village of Kastrosikia is located on a hillside by the sea, consisting of several alleys, and has basic facilities for a holiday (shop, beach beach bar, restaurant). From both sides of the village there is a beautiful coastline. To the left is a beach that is 16 km long and starts right from the village of Kastrosikia, until the place called Mitikas.
Considering that this beach is 16km long and one of the longest in Greece, it has enough space for all visitors and its never crowded. The part that is closer to Mitikas has a lot of natural shade. On the part of the beach towards Kanali there are two beautifully decorated bars, Petrino and Medusa with a large number of deck chairs and umbrellas, fine sand and gradual depth, as well as turquoise sea.

On the right side of the Kastrosikia beach, there is a real paradise in or opinion.
Wide coastline and plain with a large number of olive trees in the hinterland of the beach, and beach with very few visitors, with natural shade, turquoise sea and peace.
At the very beginning, there is Nisos camping in the olive grove. Within it, there is a restaurant in deep shade. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also in shade, but the bulk of the beach is available to visitors with their own equipment. This part of the beach and the coast is one of the most beautiful in area from Preveza to Parga.
On the other side of the same beach there is another camping, Asterias, which also has a lot of shade, a restaurant, and the beach is wide and with fine pebbles. What characterizes the whole beach is tranquility and beautiful sea.

This part of the coast is facing west, so you can swim at the beach with wonderful sunsets.

Artholitia (artos-bread, lithos-stone) beach is also located near Kastrosikia. They say that once the inhabitants of Paxos and Antipaxos came to this place to buy bread, because back then they had no bakeries on the islands.
This beach is characteristic for it’s high and interesting rocks in the sea. It is a wild beach with several small bays in the water, very picturesque ones. On the shore and in the water there is a gravel or stone so it is not ideal for children.

The next place is Riza, a little before the more famous and also small village of Lygia. Riza has an interesting beach with white pebbles on the shore and sand in the water.

Lygia is located above Riza, but also is a very small place. It has a beautiful, sandy beach. Throughout this area, there are countless small bays, mostly wild and without a lot of visitors, so the entire coast is ideal for tourists of an adventurous spirit who like to be alone or explore.

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