Parga is the most popular place on the Ionian coast. It is 340km away from Thessaloniki.
Parga is a very picturesque city, located between Preveza and Igoumenitsa and is known for its beauty. Parga is one of the most popular tourist cities in the northwestern Greece. It is said that it is the “Bride of Epirus.”

By visiting Parga, you can meet its long and rich history, enjoy the diversity and natural beauty of mountains and sea and enjoy the local culinary specialties, but also visit the islands of Paxos, Antipaxos and Corfu, because Parga has great connection with those islands. From the airport in Preveza is only 65km away.

Parga is a city that could satisfy all the profiles of tourists, it has contents and attractions for visitors with different affinities. Paved promenade with lanterns and beautifully decorated cafes and gardens of the restaurants, colorful facades, crowded and colorful shops, the view of sea islet with illuminated chapels across it, the fortress at the end of the promenade, narrow, cobbled streets where you could get lost by walking, sightseeing and enjoying, lots of colorful flowers on the terraces, stairways, a lot of people on all sides - all enumerated together makes Parga a cosmopolitan place and a very interesting destination for your holidays.
Touristic season in Parga begins in April when the tourists come from the Scandinavian countries, but also from Great Britain, Canada, America and it lasts until the mid-October when the season is closed by the tourists from all these countries. Parga is a little more expensive as a destination compared to places in northern Greece (Halkidiki, Olympian region …)

Parga’s local beach is not immense and it is crowded throughout the season. It’s pebble beach and the water is clean and transparent. Across the beach there is a small island that gives a special charm to this beach. There are umbrellas and sunbeds and plenty of space for visitors with their equipment on the beach. If you don’t mind crowds, this beach could be a great choice when you are not in the mood for a ride to the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Right behind the cape there is a small beach with pebbles, Piso Krioneri. This beach is very picturesque, surrounded by rocks and with less crowd compared to the local beach.

To excellent Valtos beach you could go by a boat taxi which costs 2€ or walk for twenty minutes over the hill. Valtos is wide and long and well-arranged beach.

Lichnos beach is only 4km away from Parga and it is perfect for those who like quiet and less frequented beaches. You could reach it by walking through the countryside and olive groves (about an hour of walk) or by a taxi boat.
During the stay in Parga you could visit several beautiful beaches of which the beach Sarakiniko is distinguished, 10km away from the city. 6km from Parga is a small beach Ai Giannakis, then Ai Sostis, Karavostasi and many wild beaches.

Staying in Parga cannot be boring, because there are a lot of opportunities that will make your holiday very pleasant. Besides the beautiful beaches of Parga you could visit numerous islands: beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos organised by boat tours, and also Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Kefalonia.

30km away from Parga is a famous river Acheron which you should visit, because it represents a pearl of the region. On the northern coast of the river is Nekromantion, an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the god of the underworld, Hades. Nekromantion was considered an entrance to Hades and it is very interesting to see and hear the historical story of this important archaeological site.
Alone or as part of organised tours you could visit Aphrodite cave, where according to legend, had bathed the goddess Aphrodite. Small cave with clear blue waters, is perfect for diving and snorkeling. You could go to it with pedalo or canoe alone or as a part of the boat trip to the island of Paxos and Antipaxos.
If you want, you can try to play mini golf, because in Parga, there are two miniature golf courts. You could also visit the organised Greek specialties cooking class where you get groceries and instructions for how to prepare tzatziki, moussaka and other traditional greek dishes. After the preparation you will be able to dine your own meals, and photos and recipes you will get by email.

In Parga you could really try different water sports or go on the adventure of fishing, diving, paragliding. We encourage you to visit the factory and museum of olive trees where you can meet with different modes of production of olive oil from ancient times until today. At the end of the tour, which lasts about an hour you have the opportunity to try different olive oils and if you want could buy some of them.

Parga is very picturesque and meaningful place that will allow you to spend ten unforgettable days even if you decide not to sit in the car: two beaches (Krioneri and Piso Krioneri), Valtos beach at fifteen minutes of walk, stroll to the Venetian fortress at the end of the promenade and enjoyment of the fantastic view from the fortress towards the city, island, sea, beach, eventual train ride to Ali Pasha fortress, a walk through the picturesque, narrow and steep shopping streets in the old part of the city, enjoyment of the fantastic view that spreads from the coast to the sea and island with chapels or maybe swim to them or simply enjoyment of the sea and evening walks in this fairy tale town.

Parga has plenty of supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, stores, pastry shops … In the city center there is a small parking area where parking costs 4€ for the whole day, but it’s quickly occupied, which makes a parking problem in Parga.

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