Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. From the highway there is a dusty road leading to the beach. The road is solid and wide enough to pass, but there are not enough parking spaces on the beach for all visitors. If you don’t find a parking lot below, you can park on the extensions along this road or stop up in the parking lot next to the main road and walk down to the beach.

The beach is several hundred meters long, medium width, organized and clean. Covered with the fine soft sand, on the shore and in the water. Shallow water extends up to about 60-70 meters from the shore.

The beach is a paradise for small children because of the long shallow, warm water and fine sand. In August, when so cold Meltemi wind blows, waves tend to be larger so adults can enjoy them too. You need to be careful even when the waves are small due to the recess formed in the sand and in places where it is usually shallow.

When there are no waves, Paradise beach is the safest beaches in the world, because the water is up to ankle first ten meters from the shore, and every next ten meter increases by a few centimeters. Sometimes in the water can be formed sandbanks, so tourists put their sunbeds there.

The beach is organized and set of two beach sunbeds and an umbrella costs about 10e. Of course, if you are not willing to pay for an umbrella and sunbeds, there are enough places where you can set up your own umbrella and towel.

You can find natural shade only in the far right part, looking at the sea, under the rocks and trees that are there, but of course you have to be early if you want to occupy this place.

On the beach there are two bars and a restaurant with excellent food. The prices of the food are very similar in both restaurants, and one is at one end of the range while the other is at the other.

On the beach there is a bar and restaurant and cafeteria with great food.

The eastern part of the beach is nudist.

Shower, toilets and dressing rooms exists within the bars and you can use them.

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